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As Sandy approaches…

I’m so used to Florida and the Southern US being a target, heck having lived in Florida for so long Hurricanes were just part of the norm and now as I sit in Germany and hearing about it and the mass of people and the problems with evacuations and the estimated damage reports and such I reached out to my friends here on Enterprise Geeks to make sure they were OK and then I realized that I have a whole heck of a lot of friends up and down the Eastern Seaboard and many of them are in the danger zones right now.

So please be safe everyone!

Here are some links that you should check while you still have power and please continue to do what you can to prepare; I’ve gone days without power and it’s not a fun thing. Oh and if you don’t have a bucket of water handy to flush the toilet then chances are you are forgetting something else as well!

Some solid tips!

  • Stay in Secure Room.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Do not use the phone, or candles.
  • Monitor Weather and Civil Service Bulletins on either regular or NOAA radio.
  • Have supplies on hand.
  • Remain indoors when the eye moves over your area because the storm will resume shortly.