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eGeek Challenge: You submit a video; we donate to charity

Alright fellow eGheads, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing.  As you know, the special 24 hour marathon for Doctors without Borders has been temporarily postponed, but we don’t let little things like that get in our way.  It takes a lot of content to fill a 24 hour show, so some of the Enterprise Geeks and Enterprise Irregulars are planning to do some short clips about corporate and personal social responsibility.  Special thanks also goes to fellow SAP Mentor Jim Spath, as he is planning to guest host the show for an entire hour.

To support Craig and Doctors without Borders during his upcoming show, we need more short video segments so Craig can take small breaks throughout the evening.  It is great to pull out the ol’ wallet and give to those in needs.  Sometimes it’s also nice to put your time, skills, and creativity to work as well.

So here is the latest Enterprise Geek challenge.  We are asking you, our dear fellow eGheads, to help us out.  Create and submit a video to us for the show.  Not only will you get your 5 minutes of fame and a ton of geek cred, but if your video gets selected and played, we will donate $20 to Doctors without Borders in your name.  How about them apples?

There are really no rules.  Talk about anything you want, and make the video as short or as long as you want.  Talk about yourself or social responsibility, sing to us, act out a movie scene, or even film yourself having a snowball fight (for charity of course).  If you are camera shy, you can send us audio, even though we’d love to see that bright, shining face.  We aren’t even picky on how you submit it.  You can send us a link, comment on this post, email it, snail mail it, or hand-deliver it.

Hopefully the show will be rescheduled soon, so please submit your videos by Monday, February 23.  That even gives you the whole weekend if you want to include your lovely friends and family as props.  Cheers and good luck!

UPDATE: Craig is planning on getting out of the hospital this next week, and he is going to try to reschedule the show for mid-March. In light of this new info, we are extending the target date for these video submissions. This should give you a couple of extra weeks, so keep those videos rollin’ in!

Friday Morning Report 24 hour Marathon Charity Event has been Postponed

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen health circumstances, this week’s special 24 hour marathon show for the Doctors without Borders charity event has been postponed.  The good news is that it has been postponed, but not canceled.  We will give any updates on the show when we know more.

Our poor man Craig is currently laid up in the hospital with severe back problems.  Feel free to leave your regards here and we will pass them on to him.  Get well soon, Craig!