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EnterpriseGeeks Annual TechEd Dinner 2013

Once again this year, the EnterpriseGeeks Thursday night dinner will return to “The Buffet” at the Wynn on October 24th.  We’ve always had a great crowd join us at this dinner, and I hope this year is no different.    You can simply meet us there at 7:15pm, or show up at the “Rock of Ages” theatre box office(this used to be Blue Man Group)on the Casino level at 7:00pm to walk over as a group.  The price per person for the buffet is about $35 and of course you will be responsible for your own bill.   Imagine Dragons will perform at 9:00pm so  you will have plenty of time to get back over to the Venetian.  See everyone there!

Madrid and the Annual eGeeks Dinner!

Well with the Madrid SAP TechEd just around the corner, we’ve finally decided it was time to announce the Annual Enterprise Geeks dinner! However, those who went last year know there were some minor glitches along the way and therefore we’ve been forced to do things slightly differently this year! We still expect it to be awesome so you won’t want to miss out!

The dinner will be 9:30 PM on Tuesday the 13th of November; we’ll meet at 8:30 PM after the Demo Jam event and figure out how best to get to the location.

We’ve a special menu price of 29,00 EURO per person plus tip.

You have to sign up to come, otherwise you are on your own for finding a seat in this place which is usually packed tight! We’ve 35 seats available for us at a group table – so again – SIGN UP (<– LINK TO SIGN UP, SO CLICK IT!)!

We’ve no wiggle room on this so if you don’t sign up we can’t help you 😦


EnterpriseGeeks Annual TechEd Dinner 2012

Hey all, its that time of year again!  Now that I’ve gotten through most of my TechEd session materials, I can start thinking about the event itself.  After missing the Las Vegas TechEd last year, I’m really excited to be there this year and see all the Egheads!  Once again this year, the EnterpriseGeeks Thursday night dinner will return to “The Buffet” at the Wynn.  I think everyone has enjoyed this place over the last several years since there is such a wide variety of foods and a huge dessert bar(ahem….Tom…).  The Wynn hotel is just across the street from Palazzo and we can all walk over together.  Let’s say we all meet up outside of the “Blue Man Group” theater at 6:30pm(October 18th) to walk over.  You can of course meet us at the “The Buffet” anytime after as well. This should give us plenty of time to eat and relax before heading back for the 3 Doors Down concert which starts at 9:00pm.  The price per person for the buffet is about $35 and of course you will be responsible for your own bill. That is of course, except for the winner of the EnterpriseGeeks Biggest Loser contest which was initiated last year.  We will decide the winner during the week of the event, and that person gets a free pass to the buffet.  Yes, that’s right, for the person who lost the most weight over the last year, we will pay for them to put a little back on, but I will of course encourage him/her to join me in walking some of it off afterwards.   I’m not asking for RSVPs this year as it was pretty pointless in past years when going to this restaurant.  Hope to see you all there!

EnterpriseGeeks Annual TechEd Dinner

Ok EgHeads, its that time again.  Since Tom was the only founding member of the EnterpriseGeeks at the SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, we decided to have the annual TechEd dinner in Madrid this year where we will have at least 2 founding members, Tom and I.  Anyway, we asked for some suggestions, and Martin Lang has come through with a really good one I think.  That’s right, another meat feast it will be.  Join us on Tuesday, November 8th at around 10:00pm at El Rodizio.  Once again, it is a Brazilian style steakhouse sort of like Fogo de Chao, where we visited in Phoenix a couple years back.  You can find directions from the conference center to the restaurant here.  Please RSVP using the registration link here.  This will give us a better idea of who is coming, and how many I should make the reservation for.  See you all there!

UPDATE:  Apparently, it would be better to have dinner just before bed so that all that meat can sit in our stomachs throughout the night with no way to burn it off till morning, so lets move the time to 10:00pm  🙂

UPDATE: Yes, another one.  So we are moving our dinner to Tuesday night, November 8th at 10:00pm to accomodate people who want to attend other events on Wednesday night.