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SE #10 – SAP TechEd 2008 – InnoCentive


The SAP TechEd event always yields some interesting things for the SAP Ecosystem. With it being a major event often times things are planned to “go live” during the event. What many don’t know though is that many of these things are talked about, shown and discussed the day before at the Community Day it was there I was first introduced to this new partnership and what it meant for the SAP Community Network.

So when I was asked if Starship Enterprisey wanted to do a show with their CTO I of course said yes!

SE #9 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Doug Merritt


While in Boston during the Business Objects Influencer Summit I had a chance to sit down with Doug Merritt which was really cool, I’ve been able to sit in on many blogger roundtables with Doug and he’s always be upfront and honest about what’s going on so having come on the show was highlight for me.

Being on the “inside” I was dying to ask him about the deal between the “Business User” and “Information Worker” and the confusion that seems to be surrounding them both. It was a great chat and we covered a lot of different things including the SAP Imagineering group from Denis Browne and the future of the program!

SE #8 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Timo Elliott


While in Boston I had a chance to meet Timo, Timo was the 8th employee of Business Objects way back when and is now on board with SAP and Business Objects after the acquisition. Timo and I had two extremely interesting conversations the first unfortunately sufferred a massive problem with audio (no surprise right? I’m working on audio issues) but he was nice enough to come back for another go on film for me.

Timo is also happy, willing and able to come and speak to you which I thought was extremely cool to offer so if you are interested you can catch him through his blog or email.

The video interview here was a highlight for me personally as we really started to break down what everyone means by Business Intelligence Platform and he shares an example of all of this in action, don’t miss it!

SE #7 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Paul Clark


A chat with Paul Clark from SAP and Business Objects about the “non SAP” customer base of Business Objects before and after the acquisition and what can we expect for them in the future.

A key phrase for me was “we will protect that market”…

SE #6 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Narina Sippy


Narina is the Senior Vice President & General Manager, Governance, Risk and Compliance Business Unit at SAP and during our chat I got a very good impression of why SAP can with certainty claim it’s spot as #1 for GRC.

GRC is one of those areas that effect everything about your business, even those areas you were not thinking about, Narina was also able to give an idea of what is to come and what areas SAP for example are focusing on for the near future.

SE #5 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Jonathan Becher


In my second attempt I managed to finally get Jonathan on camera (with audio) to talk about SAP, Business Objects and the idea behind “1 + 1 = 3”, a great chat looking at merging markets and tackling the challenges of two powerful companies and how the synergies make for an awesome looking road forward!

Jonathan is also a blogger, so be sure to check out his blog where he describes the blog as,

A primary goal of this blog is provide information about performance management in a vendor-neutral way. The inspiration for the title of this blog, Manage By Walking Around, can be found in my inagural post. Because the term performance management gets bandied around by many different people to describe many different things, in some of my earlier posts (Operational, Financial or IT and What’s In A Name) I try to disambiguate the different uses, but in reality confusion still reigns in the market. Perhaps it’s a small consolation that continued confusion means continued reading of this blog…

SAP SME Deep Dive, TAM Ceramics talks about their go live


While in Boston the other week I was able to stick around to attend the SAP SME Deep Dive, this was a day dedicated to SAP’s SME market space and they filled it with customers and partners telling their own stories. Dennis Howlett a fellow Irregular was in attendance as well and has a great post about a SAP All-in-One implementation. For Starship Enterprisey having Stacey and Mona from SAP setup an interview with an actual customer was a first overall let alone a first in the SME market space. The customer is TAM Ceramics LLC and I got to sit down for a chat with George Bilkey.

George Bilkey is President of TAM Ceramics LLC currently implementing SAP Business ByDesign. Bilkey has had extensive experience of ERP implementations in the ceramic manufacturing and was previously holding management positions in global companies including Ferro Corporation, Washington Mills, and Saint Gobain. He holds a BS of the Ceramic Engineering, Alfred University and an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Management. Bilkey also holds executive level positions with key trade associations and groups.

Before I even turned on the camera though I got to know some things about what it is George and TAM does, TAM’s mission is to focus on being the quality leader in the zirconia market and to expand into new markets. With a dedicated highly seasoned labor force, low overhead and costs, the company is positioned to reclaim the market volume leader in the industry. TAM sees continued expansion in both the investment casting and refractories industries and will greatly expand their reach in these areas along with a focused effort on increasing the Titanates business. Working with existing and new customers to provide new innovative solutions that are customized for their specific use, TAM has increased annual sales for 2008 by over 30% compared to 2007 in less than four weeks.

After awhile I decided I should probably start the camera rolling and hear about the pain points, successes, positives and the negatives of an aggressive two month implementation of SAP Business ByDesign!

Episode #3 – SAP SME Deep Dive, Jeff Stiles


While in Boston I attended the SAP SME Deep Dive and had a chance to sit down and chat with Jeff Stiles SVP of SME Marketing. 20,000 Customers for SAP Business One, Crystal Reports for SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business All in One and a perfect way to get started – the Solution Advisor tool.

SAP Business User Summit ’08


Today I had the chance to attend the SAP Business User Summit, a second in a growing series focusing on the real values, ideas and concepts behind the term “Enterprise 2.0”. During the event I held a session on “Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation”, my session focused on what is “Enterprise 2.0” and I tried to convey the key underlying theme that unlike the consumer space the enterprise space needs to provide tools that allow each user to control the flow of information themselves. In the consumer space we can already do this by simply choosing one of the massive amounts of tools available that we are comfortable with but within the enterprise there won’t be so many tools and therefore those we have need to give the ability to control the volume of information that is flowing. This video is a short video with Michael Altendorf from SAP in Walldorf, Germany and describes the reasoning and ideas behind this event series.

Relaunch Introduction Video


It’s with great pleasure and excitement that I can announce the relaunch of Starship Enterprisey. Many will remember the show as “Starship Enterprisey Radio”, the show launched last year at the SAP Sapphire Vienna event and it was me together with Thomas Otter. The show has a new home, a new look, new format and a new RSS feed, the focus hasn’t changed but many other aspects have – I’m equipped with some new equipment and ready to go.