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A new coat of paint, some power washing…

Well we finally decided it was time to throw on a new coat of paint, do some power washing, some scrubbing and some trimming here and there and what you get is the brand new design/layout of the Enterprise Geeks website.

I’d love to have associated this change with a podcast but as you can tell we are all quite overloaded with that crazy thing called “our jobs” at the moment so it looks like the podcast will follow next week at the SAP TechEd Las Vegas event? Are you going? Coming to the dinner as well?

Feedback of course is welcomed so let us know!

EnterpriseGeeks Annual TechEd Dinner 2012

Hey all, its that time of year again!  Now that I’ve gotten through most of my TechEd session materials, I can start thinking about the event itself.  After missing the Las Vegas TechEd last year, I’m really excited to be there this year and see all the Egheads!  Once again this year, the EnterpriseGeeks Thursday night dinner will return to “The Buffet” at the Wynn.  I think everyone has enjoyed this place over the last several years since there is such a wide variety of foods and a huge dessert bar(ahem….Tom…).  The Wynn hotel is just across the street from Palazzo and we can all walk over together.  Let’s say we all meet up outside of the “Blue Man Group” theater at 6:30pm(October 18th) to walk over.  You can of course meet us at the “The Buffet” anytime after as well. This should give us plenty of time to eat and relax before heading back for the 3 Doors Down concert which starts at 9:00pm.  The price per person for the buffet is about $35 and of course you will be responsible for your own bill. That is of course, except for the winner of the EnterpriseGeeks Biggest Loser contest which was initiated last year.  We will decide the winner during the week of the event, and that person gets a free pass to the buffet.  Yes, that’s right, for the person who lost the most weight over the last year, we will pay for them to put a little back on, but I will of course encourage him/her to join me in walking some of it off afterwards.   I’m not asking for RSVPs this year as it was pretty pointless in past years when going to this restaurant.  Hope to see you all there!

Looking for a summer eGeek fix?

If you are looking for a eGeek fix during our “off season” summer months then come by Newtown Square, PA on July 27th. Rich, Tom and I will be doing a SAP event called the SAP CodeJam during the day all about SAP HANA.

Remember Hacker Night? Well, SAP is bringing it back under a new format calledCodeJam. This new concept offers an opportunity for you as a developer to not only get your hands on SAP’s latest technologies but also to put yourself to the test and to code, hack and create with your peers.

SAP CodeJam Newtown Sq will focus on HANA technologies. As a participant, you’ll get access to SAP HANA including tools, sandboxes, experts, and more! In the days prior to the event, you’ll receive an email with a checklist and a couple of links that will help you get prepared. Additional information can be found here.

The event goes up until about 5pm maybe a bit longer and I can’t speak for Rich or Tom but I will be in town a bit longer if anyone wants to grab a drink or bite to eat.

New Role @ SAP

Hi all. Some of you already know from having talked to you this week at SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando, but I just wanted to put out a note to the rest of the community as well, and tell you that I am transferring from the EPM CSA(Enterprise Performance Management Customer Solution Adoption) group into the HANA Product Management group where I will be working along side my friend, fellow egeek, and colleague, Thomas Jung.  I’ve been working on BPC NW since joining SAP back in 2007, and I have always wanted to work on the technology side of the house rather than on a specific application, so this new role will give me a chance to dig deep into the technology platform, and of course HANA specifically.  My focus will be on HANA development tools, SQLScript, ABAP on HANA, etc., so I plan to get back in touch with the developer community very soon with more content on SCN, as well as here on  My disconnect from the developer community in the last 5 years is something that has always bothered me on some level, so I am very excited to re-engage.

It has been a great ride working with the EPM team.  From the BPC architecture team where I started, through BPC solution management, and finally the EPM CSA team, I’ve worked with some of the best people on the planet, and I am grateful for it, and humbled by it.  We’ve done some incredible things in the last 5 years with BPC and it will only get better in the future. So my best wishes to all my colleagues in the EPM solutions area.

So thanks and see ya later to the EPM group, and hello to the HANA Product Management team. I can’t wait to get started, lets push in-memory computing to its limits and beyond!



DJ Adams and a trip down technology lane


Craig Cmehil managed to catch a quick chat with DJ Adams recently in Germany and they discussed everything from MAPICS to SAPUI5 to Gateway and how the past is reconnecting the present.

DJ Adams is an enterprise architect and open source programmer, author, and bread-maker living in Manchester. He has a degree in Latin & Greek (Classics) from the University of London, and despite having been referred to as an alpha geek, can nevertheless tie his own shoelaces and drink beer without spilling it.

So many things discussed… WOW! Big thanks to DJ for joining in.

Direct Download Link:

Shout out to BCO6181

While at the Mastering SAP Technologies event in Sydney last week, loyal Enterprise Geek Tony de Thomasis (otherwise known as c821311 on Twitter) asked a few of us to give some advice to his students in BCO6181. It sounds like Tony has a great group of students which are already well on their way to creating the next generation of Enterprise Geeks.

Enterprise Geeks – Biggest Loser Style Contest

Thanks to a series of colds that ran through our group last week and some heavy travel and meeting schedules this week, we haven’t been able to quite keep on our usual podcast recording schedule. I thought I would take this slow down in our regular schedule to blog about a great idea which was brought up by KK Ramamoorthy.  We had a podcast earlier this year were we discussed the challenge of staying fit while working in the IT field. In particular, those of us who travel frequently have an added challenge. KK suggested that we run a Biggest Loser style contest sponsored by the Enterprise Geeks.  We believe anything that helps our fellow Enterprise Geeks get healthier is worthwhile and KK’s suggestion adds an extra layer of fun to the challenge.

The good part first: So the prize for the Enterprise Geek who loses the most weight, is your dinner free at the Enterprise Geeks dinner which takes place during TechEd. If you aren’t able to attend TechEd or live in a location where we won’t have a Enterprise Geeks dinner, we will come up with some suitable alternative prize. How better to reward someone for losing weight than to buy their way into an all-you-can-eat buffet? 🙂

The Rules: we will use My Fitness Pal to track weight loss.  You don’t have to put all your details into My Fitness Pal, but you need at least a beginning weigh in and a final weigh in. If you want to participate, just friend me (ABAPFreak) on My Fitness Pal. The person who loses the most weight between the date of the posting of this blog and the Friday before the start of TechEd Las Vegas (October 12th 2012) wins.  No weigh ins on site will be required.  We trust that all our Enterprise Geeks out there will be honest with their weigh ins online.

Hopefully this adds a little motivation to everyone’s drive to get healthy this year! Track what you eat, eat a little less, exercise a little more.  It doesn’t take much to make a start.  Who knows. You might find eternal glory in being the first Enterprise Geeks Biggest Loser!