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The Future of ABAP

Check out this video of the enterpriseGeeks talking on SAP TechEd Live about the future of ABAP.  We discuss a little bit about the current state of ABAP and what we think we will see in the coming years.

Annual TechEd Thursday Night Dinner 2010

So there seems to be some confusion as to if this is the 2nd annual, or 4th annual, or whatever, so I am simply dropping it and adding the year.  So I am happy to announce the “enterpriseGeeks Annual TechEd Thursday Night Dinner 2010”.  Of course most of you know that we have our enterpriseGeeks dinner on Thursday during SAP TechEd.  Last year, we did it at Fogo De Chao in Scottsdale, AZ.  It was freakin awesome for those who missed it.  We had about 35 people or so and I think they had to kill a cow just for us, there was so much meat goodness.  This year, since we are back in Vegas for TechEd,  we return to “The Buffet” at the Wynn.  Logistically, it makes things quite easy.  The Wynn is just right across the street from the Venetian/Palazzo hotel, and is about a 10 minute walk. For those of you who want to see the awesomeness that is “Lifehouse”, you will have no problem getting back across the street in time for the show. The price per person is about $35 and of course you will be responsible for you own bill. I would like to get an idea of how many people are interesting in attending the dinner, so that I can contact the restaurant and see if I can get  a section just for us.  So please sign up here.  I believe some of  us have sessions till 6:30pm that day, so it will probably be 7:00pm or so when we meet up to walk over.  Stay tuned for details.  Hope to see you all there, and some new faces as well.

EnterpriseGeeks Podcast – Certification 5

Tom, Eddie, Rich and Dan are joined by 4/5 of the Certification 5 for a discussion about what they’ve been working on as an SAP Mentor subgroup.

Running Time: 00:41:39 minutes

Show Links

Certification 5 Releases White Paper

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here.

EnterpriseGeeks Podcast – SAPPHIRE NOW Day 2 Wrapup

Tom, Eddie and Dan discuss their impressions of Day 1+2 at SapphireNow.  Get the eGeeks views on the keynotes, the broad themes and what the show floor is like.

Running Time: 00:24:03 minutes

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If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here.

enterpriseGeeks at SAPPHIRE NOW

Hey egHeads.  Just wanted to drop a line and mention that my fellow enterpriseGeeks, Thomas, Ed, and Dan will be hosting a couple of live podcast sessions on the show floor at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando next week.  On Tuesday from 1:00-2:00pm, the guys will have the Agile vs Waterfall debate with Vijay Vijayasankar, and on Wednesday from 12:30-1:30pm, the Certification 5 will join the podcast to discuss SAP certifications.   These sessions will be taking place in the Communities & Social Networking Lounge Area in the Line Of Business(LOB) Campus.  Make sure to stop by at these times and check it out.  Yours truly will be staffing this area as well, so stop by and say hi anytime, Monday through Wednesday.  Also, if you are attending the SAPPHIRE NOW event in Frankfurt, make sure to find Craig and say hi. He’ll be handling some GC/Mentor activities next week.  See you all at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando.

UPDATE: Annual TechEd Thursday Night Dinner

Hey eGheads.  Just wanted to give a quick update.  We have reservations for 7:00 PM on Thursday(10/15) at Fogo De Chao in Scottsdale.  We are getting a private room  at the restaurant.  For those of you who have RSVPed to me, you are in, but if you have not RSVPed by now, I can not guarantee seating in our private room.  The “Train” concert starts at 9:00 PM( Doors open at 8:30 PM ), so I think we have plenty of time to eat and get back to the convention center for the show.  Remember, this dinner is not an SAP sponsored event, and you will be responsible for the costs of your own meal and transportation.    Yes, even you, customers!!!   The cost of the dinner is approximately $47 USD per person.  This includes salad bar, hot sides, and 15 different cuts of meat, and I assume a soft drink of some type.  So please try to arrive about 7:00 PM and come hungry.  See you all there.

Annual TechEd Thursday Night Dinner

Hey eGheads.  For those of you who hang with us at SAP TechEd, you may know that we like to do a nice dinner together on Thursday night before the evening event.  For the past couple years, having TechEd in Vegas made it easy to find very good all-you-can-eat buffets in very close proximity, and most everyone stayed in one hotel as well, which made it easy to meet up.  Now this year, it is a bit of a challenge, since conference hotels are so spread out, and from what I’ve been told, there are not really any good all-you-can-eat buffets worth the time/money.  I reached out to a fellow SAP Mentor Harald Reiter, who happens to live in Scottsdale, which is a suburb of Phoenix, and he suggested a nice Brazilian style steakhouse, called Fogo De Chao.   I went to a place like this in Atlanta a few years back with Tom, and it was really good.  Basically, you pay a flat rate, and they bring huge skewers of meat to your table, and they slice some off for you.  Every few minutes, they come around with a different kind of meat, all kinds of beef, chicken, and I believe pork as well.  It’s a real meat fest for all you carnivores out there. The dinner will probably run you just over $50 with tip.  So to all the eGheads out there, who will be in Phoenix for TechEd, come join us for dinner on Thursday, October 15th.  Check out the Fogo De Chao web site for directions.  If you definitely plan to join us, either comment here, or DM me, so I can get an accurate count, and make reservations if required.  We are hoping to squeeze this in before the Train concert, but have not yet set an exact time to meet at the restaurant.  So monitor our tweets on that day for more details.  Check the About page for our twitter ids, if you are not following one/all of us already.  See you all at TechEd 09.