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Sapphire Agile Throwdown

In response to all the hub-bub surrounding Agile vs. Waterfall the Enterprise Geeks interviewed Vijay about his experiences with agile.  The discussion focuses on how agile impacts different teams like, SAP, customers and SIs.

Audio Only:


eGeeks Agile Development

South beach diet didn’t work for me, and neither did Agile development

Google Wave Invites

[Update]  All the invites have been taken.

I just so happen to have 4 3 2 1 extra Google Wave invites, after of course passing some out to the Kernel.  First four commenters with  emails in the comment get’em.

Don’t bother asking what I think about it because I haven’t really played with it at all!  It’s doesn’t seem too useful by yourself so, I have no opinion.

We will all have invites so we will be messing around with it out over the next few weeks and we’ll probably have an opinion by then.