About Us

So who are the “enterpriseGeeks”? Well basically, “enterpriseGeeks” is an organization of friends and colleagues created around a like interest, shared careers and love of technology.

It consists of people with a development background who specialize in enterprise software; people who have a passion and desire to stay aware of current and changing technologies. We are a group of individuals on a constant lookout for the next technology that will change the way enterprises do business, not so much the next “shiny new thing” but the ones that truly bring value to the enterprise software world.

The group founded in the summer of 2008 is still relatively small however combined the group maintains a broad overview of the entire spectrum of enterprise software. The group’s main focus is to evaluate and discuss new topics emerging in the enterprise and how they will fit within corporations. Chasing the next big internet startup is not what we do, but seeing the useful pieces of that startup and predicting how they will the technically integrated into the corporate IT ecosystem is.

We are proud to be an officially approved Blogger Content Community with the SAP Blogger Relations group ran by Mike Prosceno and Stacey Fish.

Many of us are already affiliated with similar groups like the SAP Mentors and the Enterprise Irregulars. The goal of this group is not meant to replace our involvement in these, but be complementary instead.

the geeks

  • Craig Cmehil – works at SAP AG, Germany as a Technology Evangelist. He is a web developer by nature, his experiences starting back in the early 90’s, turned SAP Evangelist by passion. From his time as community member and contributor through the SAP Developer Network (SDN) since the founding of the site in 2003, he’s found himself thrown into the dynamic world of SAP in many aspects. His adventures have lead him to where he is now, member of the global SAP family and Community Evangelist of SDN itself, having joined SAP in the summer of 2005. Follow Craig on Twitter
  • Dan McWeeney works at Adobe Systems as a Solution Architect. He is currently working on a new business initiative to create a new collaboration system that ties together document centric asynchronous collaboration with the synchronous virtual meeting spaces. Follow dan on Twitter
  • Ed Herrmann – currently works as a Solution Architect at Colgate-Palmolive designing and developing custom end-to-end SAP applications. He has been working with SAP technologies for over 10 years. Ed is an SAP Mentor, an Enterprise Irregular, winner of the 2007 demo jam in both US and EMEA SAP TechEd, and was invited to work at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, CA as part of the SAP Imagineering Fellowship Program. Follow Ed on Twitter.
    Ed Herrmann of the Enterprise Geeks and SAP Mentors
  • Rich Heilman – is a Director with the SAP HANA Product Management team at SAP Labs, LLC. He is currently focused on SAP HANA development tools and languages. Previously, he was a member of the Enterprise Performance Management(EPM) Customer Solution Adoption(CSA) group as well as the EPM Solution Management group at SAP, where he was focused on technical aspects of the SAP Planning and Consolidation, version for NetWeaver product. Before joining SAP in 2007, he worked for an SAP customer as an ABAP Developer for 6 years. Rich is also the co-author of the SAP Press book Next Generation ABAP Development. Follow Rich on Twitter
  • Thomas Jung – is a Chief Product Expert with the SAP HANA Product Management team at SAP Labs US, specializing in development and platform tools for SAP HANA. Previously he was a NetWeaver Solution Manager focusing on Custom Development tools and in particular the ABAP programming language as well as User Interface development technology. Before joining SAP Labs in 2006, he was an applications developer for an SAP customer company. Thomas was involved in SAP ERP implementations at this customer as an ABAP Developer for nearly 10 years. He was also the co-author of the SAP Press Books, Advanced BSP Programming and Next Generation ABAP Development. Follow Thomas on Twitter


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