Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Post SAPPHIRE Cooldown


Although Van Halen rocked the last night of SAPPHIRE, it was the developer license announcement earlier that day which stole the show

Season 4 Episode 14

Its taken us a little while after SAPPHIRE to get our schedules to align enough to be able to record a podcast, but in this episode we look back at the event and share some of our experiences. Keep in mind we aren’t the typical attendees, since both Craig and I worked extended times on the show floor pods.  We therefore share some of the common questions we were hearing from attendees.

Craig also breaks down the new Developer License which was announced at SAPPHIRE. Finally free, perpetual click-through developer licenses – something many in the development community have been requesting for a long time.

As we prepare for a summer break we also look ahead to upcoming events over the summer (like the fact that Rich, Craig and I will all be in Walldorf at the end of June) and even preparations for TechEd. Believe it or not, we are already in full content creation mode for TechEd and we have some amazing new content already being cooked up.

Running Time: 39:42

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here.

6 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Post SAPPHIRE Cooldown”

  1. Ed Herrmann says :

    Regarding the Air, I have not regretted my decision to go with it at all. Granted I am using it for non-SAP development, but the whole experience is awesome. Even though it has a 13″ screen, it uses a high density display that gives it the same pixel resolution as a 15″ monitor with capability of 1440 X 900. The size is super convenient and as you mentioned, I don’t see myself ever going back to something that is not SSD. I am also usually not a fan of touchpads on a laptop, but with the multi touch capability of the Air, I find it hard to want to use anything else. It’s too fun zooming, navigating, and using shortcuts with different 2, 3, and 4 finger gestures. So the hardware is really great, and developing on the Mac has just been a fun experience. Since Mac OS X is Unix based, it makes developing in Python, Ruby, and other languages a really great experience.

    I know I’m sounding like a fan boy, which I generally hate, but I still feel that it’s fair for me to be honest about my experience so far. Damn you Apple!

  2. Gregor Wolf says :

    Hi eGeeks,

    I also hope that a more open License for the ABAP Trial/Developer Editions will be released soon. In addition a real OSI compatible license for the software shared on Code Exchange would be great. Let’s hope SAP Legal can be convinced.

    Just a Comment to the ABAP Trial Edition Licenses: The good thing is that you can choose at least for the NetWeaver Gateway Trial Edition also the Developer License during installation. The Developer License does not limit the time you use it. But when you choose the Evaluation license then be aware that the 90 day Evaluation Period is valid for USA and Canada. And there is an extra section:

    LICENSE (LOAN-) AGREEMENT” for all countries except USA and Canada

    So for all other countries the Evaluation Period is only 30 days. SAP Legal knows why. I don’t get it.

    Best regards

  3. Matt Harding says :

    Nice update guys and while a good update of Sapphire, I agree a customer perspective would have been nice. And hey; it doesn’t have to be Ed that steps up to the plate – though being opionated and have a love to rant does help 🙂
    Love the sound of what TechEd might be this year and definitely looking forward to it (and the eGeek dinner tradition)
    Enjoy the well deserved break guys; enjoy the new job Rich (though hold your own and be careful not to get the title Thomas’ Lacky) and look forward to next season’s (or German Euro Trip break version) podcast.

  4. KK Ramamoorthy says :

    Finally got to listening this episode. Lot of energy this SAPPHIRE, agreed. The AWS instance is a great help. More importantly, the install and startup is flawless. You hardly see any issues and that I guess is a benefit of hosting in cloud.

    Ed, you are officially a Fanboy! When are you getting rid of your droid next 🙂 (if you haven’t already). I do have a windows SSD system but that doesn’t make it any better. Still startup is slow; can’t beat the Mac on this.

  5. KK Ramamoorthy says :

    Tom, i need to check my start up programs then. It’s an office laptop, we have a bunch of stuff that start up; it is faster than the spinning disks, I agree, but i would expected start up within 20 to 25 secs max. not seeing it, don’t know why

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