New Role @ SAP

Hi all. Some of you already know from having talked to you this week at SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando, but I just wanted to put out a note to the rest of the community as well, and tell you that I am transferring from the EPM CSA(Enterprise Performance Management Customer Solution Adoption) group into the HANA Product Management group where I will be working along side my friend, fellow egeek, and colleague, Thomas Jung.  I’ve been working on BPC NW since joining SAP back in 2007, and I have always wanted to work on the technology side of the house rather than on a specific application, so this new role will give me a chance to dig deep into the technology platform, and of course HANA specifically.  My focus will be on HANA development tools, SQLScript, ABAP on HANA, etc., so I plan to get back in touch with the developer community very soon with more content on SCN, as well as here on  My disconnect from the developer community in the last 5 years is something that has always bothered me on some level, so I am very excited to re-engage.

It has been a great ride working with the EPM team.  From the BPC architecture team where I started, through BPC solution management, and finally the EPM CSA team, I’ve worked with some of the best people on the planet, and I am grateful for it, and humbled by it.  We’ve done some incredible things in the last 5 years with BPC and it will only get better in the future. So my best wishes to all my colleagues in the EPM solutions area.

So thanks and see ya later to the EPM group, and hello to the HANA Product Management team. I can’t wait to get started, lets push in-memory computing to its limits and beyond!



6 responses to “New Role @ SAP”

  1. Jamie Oswald says :

    Congrats, Rich. Seems like HANA is sweeping up the best of the best from all of SAP (and even some from the outside).

    Good luck, we’ll be expecting great things.

  2. Matthias Steiner says :

    Congrats Rich! Happy to hear you’ll find more time to work with the community again! Thomas and you teaming up to push SAP HANA sounds great and we all are very much looking forward to the cool things you’ll share with us….

    Hope that means we’ll get to see you at TechEd more often again, as well…

  3. Ron Silberstein says :

    Congratulations and welcome aboard Rich! Looking forward to working with you in our team.

  4. Diego Dora says :

    Congrats Rich! I’m looking forward to read some entries from your work in your new role!

    Now that you two team up is going to be double entertaining to read tutorials and research about HANA and have some fun with the hands-on.

    May be you could do something for a Code Jam session!
    Best regards,

    Diego Dora.

  5. Somnath says :

    Awesome Rich to hear the news.
    I guess very soon you and Thomas Jung will write HANA for ABAPers book.
    Waiting to see you and Tom’s contribution in SCN: In-Memory space.
    Best regards,

  6. Jon Reed says :

    Rich – good news indeed and was good to see you in Orlando and of course at Van Halen. 🙂

    In all seriousness it’s been awesome to see you and Thomas in challenging new roles that should not only be interesting for you guys but should bring a lot of HANA know-how to the peeps.

    If you keep this up you may actually have to say something during eGeeks podcasts….be careful

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