Shout out to BCO6181

While at the Mastering SAP Technologies event in Sydney last week, loyal Enterprise Geek Tony de Thomasis (otherwise known as c821311 on Twitter) asked a few of us to give some advice to his students in BCO6181. It sounds like Tony has a great group of students which are already well on their way to creating the next generation of Enterprise Geeks.

3 responses to “Shout out to BCO6181”

  1. Diego Dora says :

    Hi Enterprise Geeks,

    This is a great video and I think that I got the essence in all the key messages from the Mentors:

    ENJOY + PASSION = You’re on the right path

    Make me feel less lonely that there are so many people with the same values and passions!

    Do you have an URI where I can get access to the material from the Mastering SAP Technology 2012? It would be awesome to see the topics developed during that conference.

    Looking forward to integrate helicopters! Thanks!

    .Diego Dora.
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. Diego Dora says :

    Thanks for sharing the available material! I found it very useful, I will spread it between my colleagues.

    Best regards,

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