Enterprise Geeks – Biggest Loser Style Contest

Thanks to a series of colds that ran through our group last week and some heavy travel and meeting schedules this week, we haven’t been able to quite keep on our usual podcast recording schedule. I thought I would take this slow down in our regular schedule to blog about a great idea which was brought up by KK Ramamoorthy.  We had a podcast earlier this year were we discussed the challenge of staying fit while working in the IT field. In particular, those of us who travel frequently have an added challenge. KK suggested that we run a Biggest Loser style contest sponsored by the Enterprise Geeks.  We believe anything that helps our fellow Enterprise Geeks get healthier is worthwhile and KK’s suggestion adds an extra layer of fun to the challenge.

The good part first: So the prize for the Enterprise Geek who loses the most weight, is your dinner free at the Enterprise Geeks dinner which takes place during TechEd. If you aren’t able to attend TechEd or live in a location where we won’t have a Enterprise Geeks dinner, we will come up with some suitable alternative prize. How better to reward someone for losing weight than to buy their way into an all-you-can-eat buffet? 🙂

The Rules: we will use My Fitness Pal to track weight loss.  You don’t have to put all your details into My Fitness Pal, but you need at least a beginning weigh in and a final weigh in. If you want to participate, just friend me (ABAPFreak) on My Fitness Pal. The person who loses the most weight between the date of the posting of this blog and the Friday before the start of TechEd Las Vegas (October 12th 2012) wins.  No weigh ins on site will be required.  We trust that all our Enterprise Geeks out there will be honest with their weigh ins online.

Hopefully this adds a little motivation to everyone’s drive to get healthy this year! Track what you eat, eat a little less, exercise a little more.  It doesn’t take much to make a start.  Who knows. You might find eternal glory in being the first Enterprise Geeks Biggest Loser!

13 responses to “Enterprise Geeks – Biggest Loser Style Contest”

  1. Harald Reiter says :

    What a fantastic idea – I will participate; hopefully that will motivate me to loose some weight.

  2. KK Ramamoorthy says :

    This is awesome. Let the weight loss begin!!

  3. Devon Abraham says :

    Challenge accepted! I think that you may have to host a round table on ‘which is the best fitness improvement benchmark’. 🙂

    Weight loss may be tricky for some geeks just looking for improvement! Regardless, looking forward to the buzz around a healthy geeked out community.

    Follow: @_Devon_Abraham
    Hash Tag: Enterprise Geeks Biggest Loser : #EGBL ??? 🙂

    Great Post

  4. Thomas Jung says :

    @Devon Abraham

    I fully agree that the most weight lost isn’t exactly the best measure, but it is rather difficult to do something very informally and use other measures. Ideally we should at least measure body fat percentage reduction or the ratio to starting weight/ending weight. Of course that’s just weight loss. Then there are all the non-weight factors. For example I’m really focused on increasing my running distance and speed.

    In the end though, we just want to encourage everyone to help get a bit healthier. Anything we can do to support each other in that effort is well worth it.

  5. Renald says :

    Great idea! Already lost 7 kg this year (15,4 lbs) but unfortunately this will not count.

  6. Diego Dora says :

    Great! I will sign up on this one, during my last trip to Chicago I ate way too many Baconators!

    A fellow geek tried a year ago P90X with great results, so I’m going to try one 90 days trial to see if I don’t die doing it 🙂

    Looking forward to see how many other geeks will enjoy this group!


  7. Graham Robbo says :

    I’m in.

  8. Roel van den Berge says :

    Great initiative! Like Renald I already lost some weight over the past months but it’s kinda stagnating so I’ll take any incentive I can get 🙂 My ID: Coda1979

    Feel free to friend me!

    Cheers, Roel

  9. Devon Abraham says :


    Great job, 7kg’s is a fantastice achievement in just 2 short months (short- however an extra day added owing to the leap year 🙂 )

    Seems we have similar goals.. I have a half marathon coming up in July. Working on distance and pace is tricky. If I can do a sub 2 hour half marathon I don’t think there is enough champaigne in the world that’ll help out with the celebrations, however a 2hr15mins is more realistic.

    Today we have a birthday in the office, trying to avoid birthday cake on a Friday is proving to be tougher than getting Anderson Consulting back in the auditing game 🙂

    Good, healthy weekend all!

  10. Nigel James says :

    Great Idea, but I don’t have too much to loose. Go for it guys and stay healthy.

  11. Stephen Johannes says :

    I’m so bad about reading this blog, I wish I had read this challenge a month ago, as have less to lose now. I will still sign up because it will keep me motivated to stay on track keeping healthy.

    Take care,


  12. Millie Floss says :

    Duh! I don’t care if I would be the biggest looser or the largest fat looser if I could take all of this! I am starving already and can’t wait to move on confectionery stores to take some. You are really good on starving people huh.

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