Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Programmers’ Valentines

If that doesn’t say “I Love You”, I don’t know what does

Season 4 Episode 11

Warning: After several weeks of no technical problems with Pamela Call Recorder for Skype, the software has decided to go crazy once again. This podcast contains a slight skipping echo on my voice only. Unfortunately since Craig couldn’t join us this week, we didn’t get a backup recording and must post with this technical problem.  I apologize for the technical snafu but figured the only other alternative was to not post at all this week.  If anyone has suggestions how to fix this in Pamela, I’m certainly listening.

  • Dice Salary Survey puts ABAP at the top of the list
  • NetWeaver Release Levels – we explain the difference between NetWeaver 7.01, 7.02, 7.03, 7.10, 7.20, 7.30 and 7.31, plus talk about the future beyond NetWeaver Enhancement Packages
  • Programmers’ Valentine’s Day – using the comparison between relationships and programming languages, we each share stories about our first programming loves
    • A little impromptu discussion broke out about JavaScript in the server side as used in the SAP HANA XS Engine
  • Nvidia 3D Vision Glass – I give a quick review of the gift I got from my Valentine’s Sweatheart

Running Time: 53:07

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here.


4 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Programmers’ Valentines”

  1. Steffen says :

    Hi Thomas, understanding the release politics at SAP is very interesting for me. Could you be so kind to explain it again w/o any echos, please. Maybe there is a chart or graphic in the internet which explains it as well?

    ps. I’m not using Pamela recorder for Skype, so I cannot give any hint how to prevent echos.

  2. Ali says :

    Hey guys,

    I thought this episode was very interesting since it finally it had some SAP meat in it. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t understand any of what Thomas was saying because of that technical problem. I agree with the above comment in that the Release levels is a very interesting topic which we could really listen to again to understand.

    Please keep up the SAP meaty topics coming 🙂

  3. Leonardo De Araujo says :

    Thomas, thanks a lot for taking the time to explain the Netweaver release levels. As you can see from comments of others it is very valid. Maybe even this “proposed” chart would make it easier.
    It is a pity your audio track got echo. I missed the part about why NW enhancement packs will no longer be introduced for the Business Suite, Staying in 7.03.
    Another thing that was not completely clear was the unification on 7.03 and 7.31. As I understand, the codeline is leveled, so re we keeping these 2 releases? if so, why?

    Thanks again guys, I know how much effort it takes to record these podcasts and in name of the community I thank you guys for taking the time,


    • Thomas Jung says :

      The unification was at 7.03/7.31. They are one in the same; meaning that we have two names for the exact same software. If you look at the software component release level for NetWeaver 7.03, you will see that the SAP_BASIS and SAP_ABA release levels are actually 7.31.

      I’m pretty upset about the bad recording on last weeks’ podcast. After spending all that time recording and putting it together we certainly want people to be able to listen to it. I thought this episode was especially rich in content, so all the more reason to be upset. I’ll cover the release level topic again on the next podcast. As far as some graphic, I think that’s a great idea but I’m no longer in a part of the organization which would be allowed to create such a graphic.

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