Enterprise Geeks Podcast – SCN Upgrade Postponed, Success Factors, and Dating a Geek









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Season 4 Episode 7

As we get ready to head out the door to start our Holiday break, we gather a list of timely topics not the least of which is the discussion around the delay of the SCN Upgrade.

Running Time: 54:11

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4 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – SCN Upgrade Postponed, Success Factors, and Dating a Geek”

  1. Jarret Pazahanick says :

    Enjoyed your podcast and great to see HCM get a little attention especially since it got 3.4B worth of love from SAP 🙂

  2. Jon Reed says :

    Guys –

    sorry I have fallen off the commenting trail a bit this fall, it was not my intention to break with tradition…I’ll blame it on the JD-OD stuff being a distraction since it’s always fun blaming stuff on Dennis.

    But in all seriousness happy holidays and I’ve enjoyed the fall egeeks podcast season.

    I’m glad you had such an in-depth discussion of the SCN go-live delays. To me this issue has been a bit polarizing between the “this is a failure” side and the “all is forgiven in this wondermuss community” side. Craig has a point that you can’t learn from the missteps without a more detailed look at the problems.

    Speaking only for myself I’m less interested in the exact go live date than the caliber of the process and the caliber of the experience after go-live. Since the two are clearly connected I’ll wait and see before saying more.

    I have some concerns that are more fringe concerns that reflect my conviction that the “Facebook like culture” that seems to influence so many site redesigns doesn’t necessarily make websites better – though it may make demographics easier to target and analyze. So I guess I worry that a more “socially integrated” site is not necessarily a better one.

    For example I spoke out repeatedly during the times when I was asked my opinion in terms of likes and dislikes on the new SCN site. My concern is the visibility of provocative content within the system based on the ability to vote it up or down. I worry we end up with a site where grouchy and dissenting views – the ones that often provoke the most productive debate – are voted off the radar screen. If so, that would be nothing unique to the new SCN. Facebook itself has become a mirror of the worst of high school with the latest redesigns, where a handful of charismatic individuals (at least on my feed) appear again and again at the top because people “like” their lifestreaming whatevers so much. While these people jack up their Klout scores by picking up likes for serving Internet brownies I wonder where more authentic interactions happen. For me, often offline it seems.

    But again, that’s my anti-social anti-modernist view not necessarily the right one. Having said that I have signed up for the SAP Mentor beta test and will check out the new look with an open mind.

    /end rant

    cheers guys!

    – Jon

  3. Ed Herrmann says :

    “these people jack up their Klout scores by picking up likes for serving Internet brownies”

    Freakin’ Jon Reed…I love that guy!

  4. Kenneth says :

    Just getting my eGeek on listening to the podcast.

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