EnterpriseGeeks Annual TechEd Dinner

Ok EgHeads, its that time again.  Since Tom was the only founding member of the EnterpriseGeeks at the SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, we decided to have the annual TechEd dinner in Madrid this year where we will have at least 2 founding members, Tom and I.  Anyway, we asked for some suggestions, and Martin Lang has come through with a really good one I think.  That’s right, another meat feast it will be.  Join us on Tuesday, November 8th at around 10:00pm at El Rodizio.  Once again, it is a Brazilian style steakhouse sort of like Fogo de Chao, where we visited in Phoenix a couple years back.  You can find directions from the conference center to the restaurant here.  Please RSVP using the registration link here.  This will give us a better idea of who is coming, and how many I should make the reservation for.  See you all there!

UPDATE:  Apparently, it would be better to have dinner just before bed so that all that meat can sit in our stomachs throughout the night with no way to burn it off till morning, so lets move the time to 10:00pm  🙂

UPDATE: Yes, another one.  So we are moving our dinner to Tuesday night, November 8th at 10:00pm to accomodate people who want to attend other events on Wednesday night.

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10 responses to “EnterpriseGeeks Annual TechEd Dinner”

  1. Jamie Oswald says :

    As someone who attended in Las Vegas, I resent your refusal to recognize it as an official eGeeks dinner. As such, I’m pirating that dinner, and all of its attendees, in the name of the DSLayer podcast, the least professional BusinessObjects podcast going.

    You can have your Madrid dinner.

    For now.

  2. Rich Heilman says :

    Many apologies Jamie. I did not mean to imply that your dinner in Vegas was not official “egeeks”. It was Thomas who suggested that the dinner be in Madrid this year, and that if anyone wanted to go to the buffet with him in Vegas, they are welcome. 🙂 So I am pushing the blame to Thomas.


  3. Fred Verheul says :

    Hi Rich,

    Glad to hear this! And choice of restaurant sounds really great. Only thing is: from what I’ve heard it’s ‘not done’ to have dinner that early in Madrid (before 10:00pm that is). Maybe some other eggheads can confirm that (I’ve never been to Spain myself)? Besides, the official program at TechEd ends at 9:00PM (there is a hands-on session till 9:00PM). So…I was wondering if you could postpone the dinner a bit…
    But I will mark my calendar regardless. This is an event not to be missed!

  4. Luis F. Lanz says :

    Really Guys ? you come to one of the World Gastronomic Centers and take a Brazilian restaurant ?

    Think about it, please … you can check for Casa Valencia (and get an original Paella) or go to Jose Luis (Tapas Bar) or even if you want go to the Bernabeu Stadium restaurants (2 of them) but this is like going to Venice to eat in Burger King :((

  5. Thomas Jung says :

    @ Jamie Oswald – no disrespect intended for the Las Vegas dinner. It turned out better than I could have dreamed. The main reason for calling it an “unofficial” dinner as due to my lack of time to plan and try to get us reservations to sit together. My fear was that we would get spread all over the restaurant. We got lucky and they were able to seat nearly all of us at one big table with no advance notice.

  6. Rich Heilman says :

    Ok guys, lets move it to 10:00pm, a midnight snack for me. 🙂

  7. Thomas Jung says :

    @Luis – The choice of the Brazilian restaurant isn’t intended to be a knock against the local cuisine. Enterprise Geeks has a deeply rooted tradition of engaging in the consumption of copious amounts of meat which dates all the way back to the Munich Meat Dungeon of 2007.

    Let’s not forget the hugely successful Brazilian dinner at TechEd Phoenix in 2009. I wouldn’t at all say that this choice sounds liek it is Burger King either.

    We are assuming there will be lots of opportunities for Tapas or Paella throughout the week, but we do something slightly off center. Then again we aren’t exactly know for our choice of find foods. 🙂

  8. Martin English says :

    Just a quick (albeit very belated) thanks for the company at dinner, everyone.

    An extra special thanks to the eggheads for organising it

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