Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Gamification and Your Internet Brand

Season 4 Episode 2
With Ed out on extended break, we have some big shoes to fill. In order to do so, we recruited Dan McWeeney, Craig Cmehil, and Rich Heilman to be our special co-hosts this week. In addition to our main topics, find out what Dan, Craig, and Rich are up to these days – including the fact that Dan is getting married this weekend.

Running Time: 1:12:50

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2 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Gamification and Your Internet Brand”

  1. Ed Herrmann says :

    I remember when Netflix was the little guy, the innovative guy, the good guy. I loved everything about them from challenging the big, brick and mortar stores, the million dollar innovation challenge, and the fending off of the big boys like Walmart.com’s feeble attempt at shipping movies. Now, I kinda just hate them.

    Now they are big, evil, and seem like the don’t give a shiite about their customers, even with their feeble attempts of weak, half-arsed apologies. The first thing that pissed me off was their ridiculous price hike of blu-ray discs. They went from something like $1 extra per month to $6 or something like that. Now it’s back down to $2 I think, but at the time, they had the attitude of whatever, if you don’t like it, suck it.

    Then there was the 30 day wait on new releases. Now after this latest price hike/splitting of services debacle, I am saying goodbye for good. It all comes down to pushing their streaming service. I guess it’s OK for people who miss watching B movies on USA Up All Night with the buxom Rhonda Shear or the annoying, squinty-eyed Gilbert Gottfried. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy it at times, but until they get some newer releases, it’s just not worth $8/mo.

    Redbox for physical DVD’s + Amazon Instant for streaming = GOODBYE NETFLIX.

    However, I have to wait for a couple of weeks before canceling since I already paid for this month and they offer no prorated rates or refunds for partial months, just one more jack arse move that has me in doubt that I will ever become a Netflix sucker again.

    Mr. Hastings, it’s too late to apologize to the million+ lost customers, so you better save it for your stock holders since shares in July peaked around $300 and now they are hovering in the $130 range. Ouch

  2. mark Finnern says :

    Hi Ed,

    Yep, my sentiments as well. We had the one disc per month service, down graded to streaming and today I realized, that streaming an Amazon.com is bundled with their prime service. Mmmh. Why Netflix again?

    Also with streaming media, you should be able to stock obscure fringe films, like German language kids program that I would love to watch with Nina, to emerse her into the German language, but no, I can’t even filter in their search box for German language movies only. Or at least I couldn’t figure it out and I couldn’t find an expert mode search either.

    Hastings non appology: We have miss-communicated, but we go full speed ahead damn the torpedos. 60% price hike no problem, we also split your lists into two companies. Say what? Which customer was asking for that?

    Just unbelievable, Mark.

    P.S. Missed you Ed in Las Vegas.

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