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TechEd Enterprise Geeks Dinner 2011

A few people have asked what we plan to do about the annual Enterprise Geeks dinner at TechEd this year. I’m afraid I have good news and bad news on that topic.

First the bad news: we are not planning to have an Enterprise Geeks organized dinner at TechEd Las Vegas this year. I will be the only one of the Enterprise Geeks founding members in attendance at TechEd Las Vegas this year. Let’s face it, without Rich’s leadership on getting the Buffet planning going, it becase less and less likely that we would be able to have the dinner. Add to that the fact that the podcast won’t be restarting until our first live recording from TechEd Las Vegas and we were left with little chance to promote the dinner. I still plan to go to the buffet at the Wynn before the concert on Thursday night if anyone wants to join me, but we won’t be trying to reserve a big block of tables as in years past.

Now the good news: for the first time we will be brining the Enterprise Geeks dinner to TechEd in Europe. Both Rich and I will be there and we are already starting planning for the dinner. We are open to suggestions, especially from anyone who lives or who has travelled to Madrid. Since TechEd Madrid doesn’t occur until November, this should give us plenty of time to plan.

So while plans didn’t allow us to continue this tradition in Las Vegas this year, we are bringing the fabled Enterprise Geeks dinner to a new geography this year. With any luck we will be able to have the dinner across all TechEd locations some day.