Enterprise Geeks Podcast – SAPPHIRE NOW 2011

Season 3 Episode 26

Another year, another SAPPHIRE NOW. The Enterprise Geeks gathered together with several special guests to recap their experiences during SAPPHIRE NOW 2011. We discuss the keynotes, future technologies, HANA positioning and technology, as well as plenty of other topics from this packed event.

Running Time: 01:00:10

8 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – SAPPHIRE NOW 2011”

  1. ub says :

    Did Ed say that Hasso is “”one of the four originals”?
    Actually they were a gang of five! 😉


  2. Ed Herrmann says :

    I stand corrected, thanks for the link. We can call them Hasso and the other four. 🙂

  3. Rich says :

    Was a great week indeed. Not all just enterprisey, great dicussions around samuri swords, trans ams, teleportation and custom jack daniels meat sauce.


  4. c821311 says :

    As usual guys, nice podcast. Thanks for the shout out to the Victoria University of Technology (VUT), much appreciated.
    Cheers, TdT.

  5. Dennis Howlett says :

    Excellent show – particularly the early stuff. Gets dumbed down a bit when I tipped up. Doh !!

  6. KK Ramamoorthy says :

    Good recap. For Sapphire, I felt the content was quite technical but again the whole explosion of technology innovations in the consumer space seems to helping the business corelate technology better. I liked the fact that SAP had customer testimonials around HANA rather than singing their own praise. I still think that we should have had the enterprise geeks dinner, but there is always TechEd around the corner. Was great to catch up with you..

    PS: Trying to leave a comment using Safari mobile browser doesn’t work well here. The scrolling doesn’t work well.. Opera mobile works well though..

  7. Kenneth says :

    Great podcast on HANA. I feel I have an understanding of it now after months of hearing it in passing. Have to admit, I thought you guys were going to go way off course, but you did a great discussion. But it’s fun to hear some off-course antics, so good balance.

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