Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Clouds in the Skynet

Season 3 Episode 24

Running Time 01:03:53

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7 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Clouds in the Skynet”

  1. UB says :

    There are thousands of games out there to chose from to spend time on (and time is valuable). It’s no surprise to me that nobody cares any longer for Bioshock2 (need the Witcher2 8] ).

    imo the biggest problem for a gamification concept is to get accepted by the majority of employees:
    – change is always unwelcome (“why do i have to play a game? I need my time for real working!”)
    – not everybody is a gamer (“I don’t want to play a game! I need to do my work.”)
    – not everybody likes every game (“This is like playing Farmville. I don’t want to play Farmville!”)
    – Gamers cheat (“Using exploits is clever use of the game mechanic! Why should I report that if it would penalize myself?”)
    – Gamers who don’t cheat, flame (“He’s never better than me that n00b. He’s a cheater!”)

    I do realize that these points are very “gamish” and that some people don’t see very much _gaming_ in gamification. I just wanted to throw in a few cents…

  2. Matthias Steiner says :

    Hi geeks,

    entertaining episode once again. Favorite topic was the entire conspiracy theory around SkyNet. Nice one…

    About gamification… I see how great game designers use it and such meta-games as you put it do the trick. I’ve been a casual gamer on XBL for some time and as such confess that I did some of the more repeatitive quests in RPGs to simply max out my achievements (Mass Effect). Yet, that only works for games I totally got into… while on others I don’t give a dang. So, something really needs to make me relate to the meta-game or I’m not bought…

    And here is where I struggle with the idea of porting game mechanics to enterprise software: for real, time recording is an essential part of my overall relationship with my employer. I see the need, it’s a necessary quest I have to take – it’s mandatory.

    So, does that mean that I accept having to do this boring and repeatitive step on a regular basis as something I endure because the overall relationship with my employer is positiv?

    Maybe time recording is a bad example. Communication is typically a hook into such things, so maybe in crm, sales, collaboration would be areas to explore. I also think that ADD maybe a nice idea for real to promote continuous learning and best practices being applied in development. That is something!

    It sounded as if you also have some concerns about other areas as well though too. But then… who knows… maybe you already got your #evilplans sorted. Make a fortune by selling gamification concepts and then build that #enterprisegeeksHQ with lazy rivers… 🙂

    Who knows? For me, I enjoy your podcast and even listen to some non-sense (to me) football-related stuff as the overall experience has been entertaining for sure. Keep rockin’


    PS: Oh and thanks for the mention – we are flattered! We barely got started with this and are regular listeners of your show. Really looking forward to your session with Michael Coté!

    Secret Message: maybe an app recommendation (excl. Ed) – instacast (for iOS) is a great tool to sync podcasts w/o wires – may want to give it a try!

  3. Dennis Howlett says :

    @guys – thanks for the shout out. Here’s how we assemble the shows:

    Jon and I each have an HD camera upon which we record our side of the conversation. We leave the cameras running so we can stitch it together. Jon then sends me the raw HD file and I mash it up first of all in iMovie and then I top and tail it with Final Cut Pro.

    The conversation is also recorded on Skype but we don’t use that audio. It’s really a reference copy just in case something goes bad in the ‘real’ recording.

    Since we’re both using similar cameras (Canon HF-10 at Jon’s end, HV-40 at my end) we get similar video and audio quality.

    I can tweak the audio in production but usually the only thing I need change are sound levels.

    When we’re recording, we make sure we take turns so there’s no problem with stitching audio together.

    And that’s about it.

    The whole process takes me about 90 mins with the biggest challenge ensuring continuity. Jon’s biggest challenge – getting me 3GB of files which we do via Dropbox and which takes about 2 hours.

    We’re still playing with different transitions etc to see which works best but so far the reception by viewers has been pretty good. I guess the real test is that we blew through 200% of our bandwidth allocation at Viddler in month 2 and as I look now, we’re on the same trajectory this month.

  4. Jon Reed says :

    Guys –

    Thanks for the shoutout. Glad you think the JDOD show is professional, or getting there. The learning curve for these kinds of things is always steep so I’m mostly focusing on areas where I think I can do better. But: Dennis is an excellent collaborator and he has a way of bringing out the best in the work. One slight adjustment – we are using Box.net right now for the file transfers from my end to remote shoots. Due to the size of the files, neither Box or Dropbox is a perfect option in terms of price, etc. We’ll see. I’m still going to do some podcasting though my pace has slowed as I’ve worked on getting JDOD rolled out.

    Loved the Skynet talk of course. The Terminator series is my favorite trilogy of all time (note I said favorite, not best) thought the horrible fourth film kind of took the wind out of my sails for analyzing the franchise in a long-festering essay. Those who liked the first Terminator films should definitely check out the Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was cancelled prematurely which blows but the second season in particular was very good television and addressed some gaps in the plotline in some interesting ways.

    I had one more thought on gamification of the enterprise – does that expand to the notion of simply making things more fun in general? I tweeted the other day there may be a missing link between fun and the pursuit of excellence. I was thinking about this the other day because there are times where I’m totally burned out on all things enterprise but I’ll still enjoy one of your podcasts or stuff that is a bit more fun and freewheeling. Those are also times where I’ll noodle around with my site or mess around with ideas like an enterprise cartoon or maybe check out some new blogs for the reader. It seems like when that element of fun is introduced (sometimes via a peer project off hours maybe) you’ll go the extra mile and thereby accumulate more know-how/skills. It doesn’t fit into game theory perhaps but it’s something I have been thinking about.

    – Jon

    • Thomas Jung says :

      >neither Box or Dropbox is a perfect option in terms of price

      Might I suggest Amazon Cloud Drive. You get 5Gb free and an additional 15Gb free for 1 year if you purchase any MP3. So for $0.99 I got 20Gb of storage. I used this recently to transfer an ABAP database backup. It has the speed of S3 storage, but at a much lower cost.

  5. Jon Reed says :

    Amazon cloud drive seems cool, I had read about it before, unfortunately it has a max file size of 100MB which is way too small for these purposes….

  6. Thomas Jung says :

    >it has a max file size of 100MB which is way too small for these purposes….

    I couldn’t find that limitation and I know I’ve uploaded larger. I took a 18Gb Database backup and used WinRAR to compress it to 6Gb and then break it into mulitiple 700Mb parts. I was able to upload this to my cloud drive just fine.

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