Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Mastering SAP Technologies Recap

Season 3 Episode 21

Running Time: 36:46

Well, our adventures in Australia for Mastering SAP Technologies are coming to a close. It was a great conference with awesome content and even better people. We got to meet some of our favorite regulars and meet lots of new friends. Listen in as we found some time to relax, kick off our shoes, and discuss our experiences here in Sydney at the Mastering SAP Technologies conference.

Special thanks to the great guys and gals of the eventful group for inviting us to be a part of one of the best conferences I’ve been to.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here.



5 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Mastering SAP Technologies Recap”

  1. shortdumps says :

    Awesome event and great to get a chance to hang out with you guys. Big plans already brewing for next years DemoYam so hope to see u back in OZ.

  2. Graham Robbo says :

    Thanks for the Aussie podcasts guys. Great to have you here this week. Thanks for all your contributions – both formal and informal. My only regret – we didn’t get to try the duck!

  3. Jon Reed says :

    Ed you wish there was a Pie Face near your house – I’m glad there isn’t one near mine! Seriously though I checked out their menu, looks brilliant, would be surprised if they didn’t have a big success in the states.

    My fave highlights from the recap: @graham getting a return on ROI before go live and billing the client for the days he had to dick around with their IT team. Who says eGheads don’t understand business?

    Also liked the story of the closing keynote, sounds memorable. I don’t know a lick about rubgy but have to agree that attitude (how you respond to circumstance is the defining factor for happiness/accomplishment. It’s easy to coast when life goes your way, what you do when it doesn’t is where it gets interesting.

    Nice job working in some SAP. I’m missing the Facebook rants though. On that topic someone I don’t know on Facebook invited me to a Tweetup Friday that is centered around a scavenger hunt. Try to not to be jealous…

    – Jon

  4. Craig Farrington says :

    Had a great time at MasteringSAP, it was a pleasure to meet you guys and the other SAP Mentors.

    Have to thank the Eventful Group on a very well run conference. It is great to have a technical event downunder, especially one developed by our peers.

    Also need to thank you guys for letting my collegue sit in on your workshop with me, she really appreciated it. Hopefully I can start to get some mid level management out of the mindset that ABAP is only good for list processing.

    Craig (@craifarr)

  5. Chris Paine says :

    Btw – thanks for the in parallel with Ajax additional comment on the UI Element javascript… was wondering about that, always thought JS was loaded in sequence – this is great to know! (Was discussing this very point with John and Sasha as I stole a ride to the airport in their taxi.)

    Any time you want to give some more details on that use Gateway in JSON only feature, please feel free to post it! Does it work in the cut down version of Gateway used for Duet Enterprise?

    Glad you guys had good time, you’re always welcome back!

    Look forward to hearing more about Free BIER.



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