Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Mastering SAP Technologies DemoYam

DemoYam Afterparty

DemoYam Afterparty

Season 3 Episode 20

Running Time: 23:23

Last night was the culmination of the events that have kept us from recording a podcast over the last few weeks – the DemoYam at the Mastering SAP Technologies event in Sydney Australia. Amazingly all 5 teams at the DemoYam were die hard EGeeks. We had Al Templeton and Matt Harding with The Semantic SAP, Neil Gardiner and Chris Paine with MADSHIT (Mobile Advanced Detail Sensing Helicopter Integration Kit), Martin English with Sexy Solution Manager, Nigel James with iApprove Built on River, and Ed and myself with Free BIER (Background Invoked Enterprise Resources).

We give congratulations to Chris Pane and Neil Gardner for their winning entry (even if they did beat us) where they managed to fly a RC helicopter without killing anyone.

After the DemoYam all the presenters (except Martin) retired to a quiet area with pizza and recorded this post DemoYam podcast. Listen in to hear each presenters take on their own projects, as well as a lot of good fun ribbing between everyone.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here.


5 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Mastering SAP Technologies DemoYam”

  1. Jon Reed says :

    One of the best egeeks podcasts ever. The vibe really captures the SAP geek culture you have helped to build. You captured a moment, thx.

  2. Somnath says :

    Cool to hear all from Down Under and completely agree with Jon. So do we really get to hear eGeek podcasts from a different station now 😀

  3. Ed Herrmann says :

    Thanks guys, we really, really enjoyed hanging out with the Aussie egheads, and totally agreed about the awesome sub-culture that is the awesomeness of the egheads!

  4. Craig Cmehil says :

    Yes I swear by the voting…. at least half of the time and the other half of the time I just swear!

    Wait for this year could really mix things up but I doubt texting your vote will work…

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