Enterprise Geeks Podcast – ABAP Eclipse of the Heart

Season 3 Episode 18

Running Time: 01:24:14

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4 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – ABAP Eclipse of the Heart”

  1. Chris Paine says :

    I honestly have seen the code:

    if 1 = 0.

    mostly it is used to enclose message statements, so that where used searches can be done for messages that are being raised to BAPI return structures, etc. (a noble cause and helps support no end), although

    message i000(zmesgclass) into l_dummy_string.

    works just as well and also helps when you’re in debug – but I guess it is slightly more processor intensive…

    however, occasionally I have seen it enclose code that only developers wanted executed – and would use the “goto statement” ability of the debugger to cause the code to execute. more than slightly dodgy!

    And to reassure AT – it wasn’t his code that I’d accuse of over objectifying – (however, make sure you’ve you’ve had a big glass of OOJ before you start trying to review his code ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Very interesting discussion about Eclipse. The ability to use other tools for tracking/managing development will no doubt excite some of my mates who’s jobs now involve managing huge teams of developers..

    With SAP embracing Agile development, some of those tools would/could/should be really useful internally – do SAP use any of them, or do they tie in any Agile management tools into the ABAP workbench at all?

    Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to come up with for demoyam.



  2. Jon Reed says :

    Guys –

    Shame about the taping for the follow up to this show…but let that be a lesson to those who think that talking about conspiracies has no real world consequence. BTW I’m liking how lately the “enterprise entertainment” of the show is heavier and heavier on the entertainment side.

    On conspiracies: I guess my last comment came off like a little harsh. That was not the intention. I just have a bug in my ____ about conspiracies being the terrain of wackos. Yes, some are, but I give you guys credit for acknowledging that some of these “crazy conspiracies” are indeed, for real. As for which ones, well, if I tell you, I get the funny feeling next time you look for me on Skype it will simply say….”unavailable.”

    Of course, I wouldn’t have the same luck on Facebook, where even if you move on to another dimension your FB profile remains intact. Having a dead “friend” on FB is truly creepy, especially when FB tries to get you to poke them. Having said that, one kind of neat thing is the phenomenon of the “living shrine,” where folks come after someone, umm, “moves on” and posts thoughtful memories on their page. Maybe some find that morbid and I guess in the extreme it could be but it can also be a nice tribute. Maybe this comment is morbid too but hey if you’re gonna talk about Facebook I’m gonna write about it. Your point, I think, was to address the long term implications of our online presence…”should anything happen to me” is not a fun thought but we owe it to our loved ones – especially those who are not computer-savvy, to figure that out. Thanks for having the stones to go there.

    As for SAP – remember that? We have a couple events coming up, most notably the launch of BI 4.0 in NYC on the 23rd. You may want to make a couple comments on SAP’s further integration of BO and NetWeaver, something that is “promised” in 4.0. Also, I have seen at least one SAP representative describe the new Webi UI as “beautiful”, so maybe a debate about whether a UI can be beautiful would be refreshing. Achievement-driven development could do worse than a beautiful UI, but maybe there isn’t a beautiful UI in the enterprise world, or that a truly functional UI where you go in and get the job done is the criteria for enterprise beauty. Cheers.


  3. KK Ramamoorthy says :


    Just got around to listening to this episode. To your question on Kollywood.. I grew up in Chennai (formerly Madras) in the state of Tamil Nadu, a southern city in India and Tamil is my mother tongue. I grew up watching Kollywood movies as well, so I can “enlighten” you with how it works.

    Kollywood is more about economics than art and entertainment. Audience are generally classified in to three geographical groups namely ‘A’ centers, ‘B’ centers and ‘C’ centers. B centers and C centers are generally from rural areas where the number of people below poverty line is high. If I am a day laborer who works 14 hrs a day, the last thing I want in a movie is reality. Movies are no more art to me but just pure entertainment and the definition of entertainment widely varies from person to person. So, many movies are made with “good or evil” theme where the hero is a normal guy who fights the evil rich guy, wins over the love a beautiful girl etc.
    Now, coming to musicals, movies still remain the prime media for Indian music. There are some artists who make private music albums which are not tied to movies as we see here in the west but movies still tend to be the main source for music industry as well. Obviously directors tend to sneak in the good music numbers in the movie, even though it just doesn’t flow with the movie story line. For e.g., you will see this hero who is a very poor guy but will have a music number with the heroine all the way in Switzerland. The general audience don’t care if it doesn’t make any sense with the story land as long as they good see the nice snow covered alps ๐Ÿ™‚
    Coming back to Enthiran, the hero’s name is Rajini (that’s the Robot as well). This guy is insanely popular in Tamil Nadu. Actually he is even popular in Japan for some reason. The reason he is popular because in real life, he was a bus conductor who entered the movie industry and made it the second top most paid actor in Asia (only after Jackie Chan). Now, the reason he is popular, I think, is because he is a success story of a normal guy who was barely below the poverty line made it to the top. Plus he does give back to the community a lot, so he has got a huge list of fans.

    Check out this NPR podcast segment on the hero at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQqgKRIAOXM

    The reason Enthiran is such a big hit is because Kollywood generally has been conservative in spending money on making movies and this is probably the first one where a lot of money was spent on developing a lot of amateur CGI.

    Culturally, going to the movie theaters in itself is an adventure. I was amazed when I came here to see that movies theaters hardly had any crowd. Back in India, atleast when I grew up, movie theaters remain atlas 75% full all the time. And oh, complex screen plays and plots are also generally avoided because you don’t want the audience to think too much while watching the movie. For e.g., the movie ‘Memento’ was remade in to a Tamil movie called ‘Gajini’. Only that in the tamil movie, the hero only retains 15 mins of memory and the story goes forward unlike Memento, it was backwards.

    Regarding some western movies that may not resonate well with general Indian audience (in my mind), Borat, Gods must be crazy, Memento etc. (though I am a big fan of all the three).

    By the way, Kollywood is called so because the tamil movie industry is based out of a locality called ‘Kodambakkam’ . There is also ‘Tollywood’ which is based out of Hyderabad and is about ‘Telugu’ language movies. Of course, there is Bollywood which is based out of Bombay (Mumbai).

    Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to me if you need some more info., I am big movie buff too..


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