Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Achievement Driven Development (ADD)

Season 3 Episode 17

Running Time: 01:26:41

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15 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Achievement Driven Development (ADD)”

  1. Graham Robbo says :

    Great podcast again guys.

    Interested in Thomas’ comments on the “ABAP in Eclipse” subject. For me what is missing in the ABAP Workbench, and I hope and expect from the Eclipse editor, is some decent refactoring tools. I know that there were some in early looks at NW ABAP 7.2 but they were dropped from the final release. Perhaps Thomas can share with us if we can expect any good news in this area soon?

    p.s. The great thing about paying out on Rich in the podcast is that you know he will never listen to it – so you can get away with it forever. πŸ™‚

    • Thomas Jung says :

      >Perhaps Thomas can share with us if we can expect any good news in this area soon?
      Actually there is some good news in this regard. It does look like the next NetWeaver Enhancement Package for the Business Suite will include the refactoring tools that were developed in the 7.1x and 7.2x codelines. My warning here is that it is still early and plans do change, but I checked the internal development system and they are currently there. These refactoring tools include a lot of renaming capabilities (if you rename a method, the tooling scans all usages and changes those as well) and scanning of code for obsolete definitions.

  2. Matt Harding says :

    That movie was awesome! That guy so unlocked the “Put Terminator to shame” achievement.

    Also looking forward to you guys adding the “That’s not a podcast…Now that’s a podcast” achievement when you podcast(?) in Australia next month! Actually, there’s an idea for one podcast…A whole episode where you try to unlock achievements put up by listeners…

  3. Martin English says :

    I hereby renounce the clue-bat in favour of the “the machine gun ball o’ doom.”

    Talking about Australia (and Mastering SAP etc), are you guys doing a demojam entry ?


  4. Jon Reed says :

    As all good things must end, as Jackson Browne wrote after his marriage to Daryl Hannah went on the skids, so must the multi-episode “Facebook sucks and here’s why” series from the Enteprise Geeks wind down. Seriously though guys return to that topic at any time, that was entertaining (and worthwhile) stuff.

    It was good to hear Craig on the show, he brought some good stuff with him and for those of us who have missed FMR it’s good to hear his banter. I like the idea of @Thorsten coming on to debate model-driven development, that would be a keeper.

    I also think Thomas Jung doing a session on SAP’s “Steamwork” would be good, haven’t heard about that product but it sounds buzzworthy. Sorry Thomas couldn’t resist. Seriously if SAP can put the “r” in Streamwork they will have accomplished something.

    Ed your Twitter feed led me to two classic moments, the SAP tune from 2006 and the EY video Graham Robbo Tweeted. Might be worth posting links to those, oh man that EY corporate schlock video has had me in stitches since last night.

    Conspiracy talk is always fun and that might be yet another regular feature. All I would ask is to remind listeners that some conspiracies really are conspiracies and not just bullshit. The word was originally created to talk about actual plotting. It drives me nuts when all “conspiracies” are dismissed. Some were real. As for which ones I’m not saying as I don’t feel like getting made fun of today.

    As for my comments, jeez I was a bit humbled to get some many callouts on the show. I know how much work these kinds of podcasts are and they add a lot to our community, so seems the least I can do is put in a few words so you know folks are avidly consuming them for better or worse. Most often for better. πŸ™‚

    – Jon

  5. Jon Reed says :

    p.s. by the way, for conspiracy buffs, if you have about five hours, this is an insanely detailed blog post arguing that Tony Soprano is indeed killed in the last episode of The Sopranos: http://masterofsopranos.wordpress.com/the-sopranos-definitive-explanation-of-the-end/

  6. sapdba says :

    Guys, I think that was the best podcast to date. All the tech banter is great, and I enjoy listening to it, but I’m especially glad to hear the mailbag segment.

    And ADD, what can I say, pure genius.


  7. Jeron says :

    Great podcast..

    On Facebook, privacy and the censorship debate, its sort of tragic & funny that people all over the world fight their govt.s for freedom of speech, however they themselves exhibit intolerance when friends, colleagues or relatives exercise that right over the Internet.

    I guess we cannot legislate our way out of intolerance and bigotry.

    Slight correction to the crazy movie that got picked up. It comes from Kollywood and you can read all about it here.


    The actor in the movie is known as Rajnikanth also o.w. knowns as the Indian Chuck Norris, though C.N may take offense. Each successive movie starring this guy gets Curiouser and curiouser …..

    • Thomas Jung says :

      @Jeron I’m curious now. I think the general assumption in the US is that any movie that comes from India is Bollywood. I’ve not heard the term Kollywood before. So what really distinguishes a Kollywood movie – just the area it was made, the language it was produced in, or are there thematic/topical differences associated with Kollywood?

  8. Chris Paine says :

    Brilliant podcast guys!

    been thinking of a few SAP ADD ‘chevos:

    The Futureproofer(Pessimist) – Code a method with only one exporting parameter, not a returning parameter.

    The Overobjectifer – Code an interface, abstract class and implementing class to implement 1 unlikely to be reimplemented method.

    The Failed Logician – Code β€œif 1 = 0.” For any reason.

    The Monolinguist – create a table containing texts without a language key

    The Generator – leave any code generated by the WebDynpro wizards _exactly_ as it is created by the code generator

    The Finalist – mark all the methods in a given project as final

    The Dungeonkeeper – create code in a user exit when a BAdI interface exists for the same purpose.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more (and I’ve could award all of these to various people I’ve worked with πŸ˜‰ (not to mention some of the standard SAP code…)

    Really good to hear Rich – and thank goodness I had got off the tram before I heard the end of the podcast – Seriously funny – great work – keep it up!

    • Thomas Jung says :

      @Chris – These are some really great achievement suggestions: not just because they are quite funny, but also they touch on situations that are relatively unique to the ABAP environment. I had only though of one particularly good achievement since the other day.

      Doesn’t Play Well With Others: Creates a class where all the methods and attributes are marked as Private.

  9. Ali says :

    Hey Guys,

    I really appreciate answering the BDC question since i’ve noticed it is a topic that many people confuse.

    I did participate in the blog before when suggesting more insight on ABAP Objects. Thomas ended up creating a magnificent multi-part tutorials and i’m glad the BDC question didn’t cause as much trouble this time πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for the awesome podcast.

  10. Jeron says :

    @Thomas —> The answer is all of the above. Kollywood is made out of Chennai the state capital of Tamil Nadu. The language is Tamil, the 2nd largest spoken language in India and the the Cinema is distinctly escapist in nature …. with lot of hero worship of lead actors.

    In Tamil Cinema, you can’t make a popular movie where the hero gets bashed up …..the fans burn up the movie theater …if any director dares to show the hero on the losing side. The fan culture in this brand of “cinema” is disturbing to say the least. Check this out…

    India also has many other ?ollywoods representing major languages.you may read more here,

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