Enterprise Geeks Podcast – The Value of Privacy

Season 3 Episode 16

Running Time: 1:12:48

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4 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – The Value of Privacy”

  1. Jim Link says :

    I thought I may catch a little flak for my New England Super Bowl pick, so thanks for calling me out on that.

    I too caught the same CNBC shows on Facebook and Google last week and found them interesting – the Google one moreso. In addition, we recently had two gentlemen from the FBI’s cyber crimes division present at our IT’s continuing education day and a lot of what they said you guys touched on in this week’s episode. Among other things (like hacking and malware), they were really stressing the importance of watching what you post online because it can easily fall into the wrong hands.

    One example that they used was the whole “25 questions” game that floats around Facebook (asks users specific personal questions about them) and how posting your responses to those questions generally gives hackers/thieves good insight into guessing your passwords.

    Sites like pleaserobme.com have also tried to raise awareness of what you post online and really make you think. If you post “I’m running to the grocery store”, in theory, your followers or ‘friends’ know you’re not home, so feel free to break in.

    Anyway, good podcast this week and glad to see the site back up and running after “you wuz haked”.

  2. Jon Reed says :

    Guys – first off I could listen to you go off on Facebook for three hours, so please don’t cut anti-Facebook podcast rants off at 1 hour.

    I like this theme of having the topic of the podcast reinforced by live action while you’re taping. Maybe for example you can do a podcast on CE while Thomas is installing CE on his laptop. Having said that I don’t think doing a podcast on privacy while being hacked can ever be topped, this is the stuff of podcast legend guys!

    I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t adhere to my proposed structure of discussing the enterprise (SAP if you like) for the last 5 minutes of the podcast. Sounded to me like you were gonna talk about that when you were interrupted by our hacker pal. “You wuz haked” – an early nominee for customer service encounter of the year.

    As for Facebook, you hit on some of my main beefs. I derive modest value for tracking old pals and yes I do advise clients on how to use it which never ceases to crack me up, I don’t know if it’s hypocritical or just absurd. Probably both. Some relief I’m not in a B2C industry which has to reckon with Facebook in a way that Enterprise B2B doesn’t yet.

    Here’s a few more potshots at Facebook’s disturbing rise to over-valuation:

    – It’s become the new AOL, folks don’t like to leave the site so independent web sites (ahem!) with strong content are losing traffic to this beast.

    – the “blurring” of personal and business on Facebook that some seem to insist is seamless and inevitable I find troubling. Had a friend who lost a client on Facebook who was a “friend” who didn’t like a political status update he posted.

    – I accuse Facebook of diminishing the definition of “friend” and encouraging a misconception of the heavy lifting it takes to maintain a genuine friendship. This is probably unfair. Too bad.

    – I’m a strong believer that to become a well-rounded person one needs time to consume in-depth content and perhaps create the same. We can’t learn everything we need to know in sound bites. When you’re constantly life streaming you’re not listening, not creating, not absorbing. You’re becoming a walking sound bite, learning in sound bites. Yes, you could add the same criticism to how some use Twitter. I know I am unplugging from Twitter frequently, always on weekends, or I wouldn’t get any meaningful content done. I find myself using social media to listen more and talk less. Needless to say I don’t fit in on Facebook.

    But: something that big has to be reckoned with and so I reckon with it, always looking for ways to derive something authentic from it. Every now and then I do. The new profiles give even less freedom to express personal creativity and maybe that’s the point, I don’t know. I feel generic every time I log on, and when I’m logging on it’s usually to adjust some kind of notification I didn’t know existed that is pushing junk to me.

    I wonder as well about Facebook’s valuation. I’ve never clicked on one of their creepy demographically-correct ads. Maybe part of that valuation is based on Fan/Business Pages and the ways businesses can reach/annoy consumers there? I see more and more companies trying to trick people into “liking” them on Facebook so maybe there is something there that translates to valuation $.

    Thanks for the rant. Always good to know that you aren’t the only cranky FB curmodgeon.

  3. Chris Solomon says :

    Another entertaining podcast, fellas. I could almost hear Ed’s gears spinning thinking of how he could hunt down and have a little “parking lot chat” with your new “friend”. haha Don’t take it too personally….you(EG) weren’t targetted. This is a basic script kiddy attack. They didn’t do anything spectacular. Simple “scan” across several sites/hosts looking for specific vulnerability (hardware, OS, server, etc) and then they just run a script (probably across zombies) that then “injects” their fun little “default” page to replace your own. Again, nothing very clever…just annoying.=) Keep up the good work and glad I caught this podcast early for once!

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