Enterprise Geeks Podcast – CES, Gadgets, and Year in Review

Season 3 Episode 15

Running Time: 59:11

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12 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – CES, Gadgets, and Year in Review”

  1. sapdba says :

    Great podcast. Thought I wasn’t going to like it when I heard it was all rambling, but it was entertaining after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just need one more link – where can I get Thomas’ new book for my iPad?

    Oh yeah, go Falcons!


  2. Jon Reed says :

    Hmm well I finally managed to listen to an egeeks podcast within just a couple days of release.

    As a Pats fan I obviously had a couple of raised eyebrows over Ed’s football predictions, or should I call them wishes. We’ll let the games play out but I’ll simply point out that the Steelers record against the Pats in the postseason, is, well, as abysmal as a Hacker Night filled with PowerPoints.

    As for the “Wall-E” factor, I think we’re still one step away from becoming huge couch lumps. At this point we still have to install the equipment and pore through the installation manuals, so that keeps us in good shape.

    The digital rights discussion is another matter. The disturbing part to me is how the needs of consumers and financial needs of individual content creators (aka artists) seem to be going in different directions, with the content aggregators having the last laugh for now. We’ll see, that’s a can of worms for another time.

    p.s. I liked how you guys saved the Enterprise part of the discussion (7.03, etc) for the last five minutes of the podcast. That could be the winning format! LOL

    • Thomas Jung says :

      >Iโ€™ll simply point out that the Steelers record against the Pats in the postseason, is, well, as abysmal as a Hacker Night filled with PowerPoints.

      I guess we won’t settle that one this year since the Pats didn’t make it that far. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ed Herrmann says :

    @Jon – epic comment! It actually had me laughing out loud here in my office, especially the suggestion for the new permanent format. And yes, we can stay in shape by reading manuals and yes, my football predictions are blatant football wishes. Cheers!

  4. Chris Paine says :

    Great fun start to the new year guys.

    Well now I’m up to date with American Football… Then again given the version of football that we have here in Melbourne – that _no-one_ even other states in Australia follows I won’t throw to many stones…

    I can’t believe the title of your pod cast had CES and you didn’t mention the Motorola Xoom! – it’s a tablet, not an overgrown phone ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m hoping the AU dollar is still strong against the USD by the time the Wifi only unit is released.

    Ed – you might appreciate the below vid –

    And surely Thomas you have at least one Ubuntu install in the house – as a dual boot possibly? – not ALL Windows?

    Happy new year from a rather sodden Australia.


  5. Chris Paine says :

    PS – it might have been just me (listening for the first time on my wife’s new phone (HTC Desire, rooted and running Android Gingerbread) (she’s “donated” it to me due to my son having hidden my phone)) – but the volume of this episode was really low – for everything but the theme music.

    • Thomas Jung says :

      >And surely Thomas you have at least one Ubuntu install in the house
      No actually not. They are all Windows or iOS. I used to run dual boots, but found I didn’t use anything but Windows much. On my main PC, I love my games (most of which only run in Windows). Also I keep an ABAP system running all the time, so rebooting to switch OS isn’t convienent. I don’t have any complaints about Win7 either.

  6. Ed Herrmann says :

    @Chris – we recorded this episode on Monday afternoon, so really CES had just started, so I don’t think the xoom was announced yet. Also, you are correct about the volume, I didn’t level the voices this time while editing, but I will be sure to not forget for the next episodes.

  7. Chris Solomon says :


    Ditto with Jon….I actually, finally got to listen this one within days of release!

    Very entertaining stuff! Thanks (and thanks Ed for going through ALL that trouble of getting up, getting ALL that equipment out, setting up, cluttering your desk, and gracing us with this podcast….QQ MOAR! haha)

  8. Jon Reed says :

    “I guess we wonโ€™t settle that one this year since the Pats didnโ€™t make it that far.”

    An absolutely fair point, but should a Colts fan be making it to a Pats fan about his comment to a Falcons fan? At this point we’re all on sitting on the couch. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As of right now I’m liking the Packers to win it all but as we have been reminded you gotta settle it on the field and most anything can happen.

    I hope next year we’re back to Colts-Pats in the AFC title game…the way it should be lol.

    – Jon

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