Enterprise Geeks Podcast – HANA coming soon to an Enterprise near you

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Season 3 Episode 13

Running Time: 59:08 minutes

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5 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – HANA coming soon to an Enterprise near you”

  1. Matt Harding says :

    One of your friendly Aussie DemoJam rivals here…I’m only half way through the podcast right now, but it dawned on me during the discussion on Adobe LiveCycle ES 2.5, how much of a direct competitor it will be for what I believe people are considering using Gateway. i.e. Mobile enablement. I realise it’s a slightly different scenario, more aligned with creating enterprise services (supporting 4.6 and greater), but my impression of what people are thinking about using Gateway for (which may be quite different towhat SAP are building it for) makes this an interesting proposition if it embeds the streamlined (binary) connection to back-ends from HTML5, Android, iOS, Flex, etc. Just a thought.

    @Matthias – I took my then 5 and 8 year old to Tokyo, and they loved it. We went north up to Nikko, saw some great sites, but the visit to what is kind of cheesy but not, Edo Wonderland http://www.edowonderland.net – was a major hit with the kids! (FYI – This podcast is now valid for the food network and the travel channel).

  2. Matthias Zeller says :

    Hello Matt,
    yes you will be able to use Gateway or LiveCycle Data Services (in LiveCycle ES3) to integrate client apps (mobile and rich clients) with SAP (and there are certainly a number of different ways to do the same with other technologies). However the approach of Gateway is very different then the LiveCycle approach. Gateway is a great fit for lightweight RESTful integration with the SAP backend and can be used with all tools and programming languages that support REST. It is a basic request/response type of integration. LiveCycle Data Services supports binary integration using the AMF protocol both for remoting (access of remote objects from the client) as well as messaging (push messaging into the client). These services are available today for Flash clients and in ES3 for Objective C, Java (Android) and HTML5 (JavaScript). This allows implementation of real-time messaging from the server into the client. Additionally LiveCycle Data Services supports data management. Registered objects get updated by the framework automatically both on the server and on other clients looking at the object (important to avoid users looking at stale data or creating update conflicts). For Flex developers LiveCycle Data Services includes a modeling plug-in into Flash Builder that allows creation of visual data models and client/server side code generation. Finally LiveCycle Data Services also provide occasionally connected support, handling syncing of client and server side objects when updates were made in a disconnected state. This is especially relevant for mobile clients.
    Another difference is that LiveCycle Data Services do not only support SAP application integration but also Java, database and .NET (in ES3) based backends. Gateway is specific to SAP providing the advantage that it runs on the ABAP stack. LiveCycle Data Services requires a Java web application server.
    In the end it will be up to the customer / system integrator to decide what technology is the best fit for the given use case.
    More information about LiveCycle Data Services can be found here: http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/dataservices/ – You can also download a free development version and try out our samples (again the current version only supports Flex based clients).
    Thanks for the Tokyo tip! Hopefully I will make it out there next year.

  3. Matt Harding says :

    @Matthias – Thanks for the additional info…I’m sure it comes down to licensing, use cases and skills in your organisation in the end but if we believe the hype (and I want to believe) that we won’t be bound to desks in the future, I can see this will be an interesting ride to win ownership of this space.

  4. Jon Reed says :

    Hmm…just now listening to this podcast (missed it last week due to Influencer Summit). Found out I was a long haired anarchist. Hey, if the shoe fits, and it does seem to fit well enough! Hmm well as an alternative to listening to Hasselhoff (sp?) I’ll take it. Listening to the very end was well worth it to get the Rick Astley performance from Matthias.

    Matthias thanks for the info on the Adobe strategy. I was surprised Adobe didn’t get more love at the Influencer Summit in the keynotes (like Alloy and Duet Enterprise). But in the fine print of the deep dives Adobe technologies came up a lot.

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