Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Adobe: The Developer’s Superhero

Photo from Wired article Apple’s Relaxed iOS Developer Rules Barely Help Adobe

Season 3 Episode 12

In this episode, we catch up with Adobe Developer Evangelist, Ryan Stewart, to hear what’s going on in the world of Adobe, mobile, tablets, and HTML5. Enjoy!

Running Time: 01:11:31

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6 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Adobe: The Developer’s Superhero”

  1. Jon Reed says :


    Ed – thanks for the eulogy at the 44 minute mark or so – I had moved on from the “BlackBerry IM incident” but now you ripped open the scab…in all seriousness as a not-so-Mac guy I particularly enjoyed t tablet discussion….if Macs have Fanboys then what am I, perhaps a “BlackBerry Enthusiast?” Ugh. But the Playbook intrigues me, thanks for kicking tires a bit. Weird to think that one of the big HTML 5 hold ups is IE6…even Yahoo was calling it an “obsolete browser,” like a year ago. I guess it’s not though.

    oh, and p.s., Thomas, “Another One Rides the Bus…”

  2. Matthias Steiner says :

    I really enjoyed that episode as there was soo many news things to hear about. It’s good to hear about all the dev tools that Adobe is working on and also to see even more companies embracing jQuery and jQuery mobile. Seem we are in good company with that choice…

  3. sapdba says :

    I enjoyed the whole “Android is open” discussion. It made me laugh.

    Google has done a good job making people think Android is open, and that your code is deployable across Android devices. Reality says otherwise.

    I’d be interested to hear Ed’s explanation of his hatred of Apple. To me, they’re just another company, like Google or SAP. Some products they make are good, some not so good. Some of them I use, some of them I don’t.

    Unless they start somehow making turtlenecks required, I won’t consider them any more evil than any other company.


  4. Ed Herrmann says :

    @sapdba and why does it make you “laugh”? I suppose it’s because Stevie says to: http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/18/steve-jobs-open-dont-win/

    Without getting into a debate of what the term “open” means in the truest sense of the term, my main point is that with Android, you are not stuck with one choice of hardware and carrier. Also, the Android marketplace is not controlled by the powers that be which makes it “open”. http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/10_things_android_does_better_iphone

    As for my disdain for Apple, it is more about the hype, the fanboys, and the “Apple/Jobs can do no wrong” attitude.

  5. sapdba says :

    No, I’m no Steve Jobs fan, either. I’m speaking from the experience of my company trying to work on Android apps and having a horrible time getting them to work across devices. If it were truly “open,” we could do whatever we wanted to the devices to get things working, but we can’t because the devices are locked down.

    Ultimately, competition is good. I use an iPhone, but I like seeing Android sell more because some heat under Apple would make them do a better job.

    That said, my primary machine at home is Linux, and will remain so. 🙂

    As for the fanboys, well, there are idiots in every camp. Apple fanboys seem to get more press, but I’ve had to deal with more Microsoft fanboys in my time than Apple fanboys. I’m sure Google has them, too. I prefer to ignore them all. 🙂

  6. KK Ramamoorthy says :

    One more good one.. didn’t know phoenix uses jquery.. good to know. the secret messages are getting better I should say..

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