7 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Web Dynpro Java Kiss of Death”

  1. Christian Braukmüller says :

    Hi Geeks,

    i suggest to enter some times into the “ShowLink”-section.

    [00:00] Into (Ringtones, Droid 2…)
    [40:00] Kiss of Death for Web Dynpro Java – The Follow-Up Questions by Thorsten Franz

    (It took me 40 minutes to find the start of the main topic (or at least my main interest) “KoD”.)

    If i’m going by car/train and listen to your podcasts, that’s not an issue. But sitting in front of the laptop to have a quick step into your podcast in a short break, a time-overview would be helpful.

    But anyhow: It’s fun to listen to you! Thx!

  2. Ed Herrmann says :

    Christian, that is a good suggestion, and we have put times on past episodes. It really just comes down to the extra time it takes to edit the episode if I have to go back and listen to it and record times for show notes. Perhaps I will try to jot down the times while we are recording, especially for the main topics. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for listening!

  3. Jon Reed says :

    Fun times guys, though Ed – gonna miss you on my BlackBerry IM man! Oh well, I’m sure I can get some other victims there.

    Thanks for the WDJ comments, I thought you hit a lot of the key angles. One important aspect in all this is those inside of SAP who took this issue an opportunity for dialogue and moving the conversation forward. Yariv Zur’s appearance in my video and podcast was a good example of that. Later, Michael Bechauf put out an important blog reflecting on the general discussion. I thought Michael’s blog post moved the conversation forward and was a great example of engaging with the community openly and reaching a better understanding. This discussion was bound to happen, better it happen out in the open. Anyone who hasn’t read Michael’s blog on SCN who is interested in these topics, I recommend you do.

    Mastering SAP is really heating up, lots of posturing on all sides. This one is gonna be a smackdown methinks….

  4. KK Ramamoorthy says :

    Tuning in after sometime..have been busy with client work and traveling..welcome Ed, to the world of smart phones..Droid does seem cool.., love the OS actually, but remeber, iphone enjoys the status of being the first in innovation..and anyone who follows it is a ‘me too’.. But google did prove this theory wrong with chrome browser and i am hoping it will with android as well. Anyway, loved the chit chat..made my 6 hr flight to the west coast a little bit more bearable..
    Oh..will vote for you guys for the best tech podcast! You know, like demojam, it’s about how much noise you can make, not how many will make noice..
    How about Princess Leia bikini tandoori apron!

  5. sapdba says :

    Gotta pimp Tron: Legacy in your shownotes!

    Here’s the trailer I played in my TechEd session. 🙂

  6. shortdumps says :

    Sounds like Mastering showdown is going to be epic, looking forward to it!

  7. martin english says :

    I was submitting my demo jam entry the other night when inspiration hit… and I wrote up and submiited a second one.

    Just thought you should know….

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