Enterprise Geeks Podcast – TechEd Hangover

The Enterprise Geeks tackle Vegas for SAP TechEd 2010

Season 3 Episode 10

Running Time: 59:12

Show Links

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here.

Live Podcasting Fun with the eGeeks

What do eGeeks do in Vegas? Go to Fry’s, of course!

Having fun at the eGeeks dinner

Craig and Rich enjoy a nice refreshing beverage after a big dinner.

2 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – TechEd Hangover”

  1. Matthias Steiner says :

    Hi eGeeks,

    just wanted to drop by and give some props for a great show again. This time you really had it on… (probably due to the full house!)

    And I would not worry… your listeners should know how to take you by now and Craig summarized it perfectly – if it’s one thing people should have learned from listening to your podcast it’s that one can be a serious enterprise techie and have fun at the same time! For me, that’s the sole difference between geeks and nerds anyway…

    Follow-up question: So Craig is not innojagd-ing any longer but moved to GC? WOW… maybe you can “leak” some more next time around. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh, and here’s one more topic request – the entire fuzz about the ‘Kiss of Death’ blog by Thorsten got way out of hand… maybe you can pick that topic up and give him some props – he’s just the bearer of the message… just a thought – think about it!

    Keep it up, Cheers Matthias

    PS: Oh, and only now just noticed the link to my TechEd recap – thanks for that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thomas Jung says :

    >Oh, and hereโ€™s one more topic request

    Actually we had that on our topic list already for this podcast. I’m afraid that we ran a bit long and the topic got left out. We will certainly try to address it in the next podcast.

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