Day 3 Las Vegas SAP TechEd 2010

Season 3 Episode 9

Running Time: 13:47 minutes

On the last full day of TechEd, you can tell that everyone is a bit delirious from a long, crazy week in this final live podcast. We got to talk to John Astill about his demo jam experience, Rui Nogueira about code exchange, and then Tony de Thomasis decided to grace us with a special video that caused quite a scene. Enjoy.

One response to “Day 3 Las Vegas SAP TechEd 2010”

  1. Chris Paine says :

    And people took that much offence to that video? – I cringe to think of the sort of video that would cause the same reaction here in Australia… Good man Tony for putting that on!

    PS – I have my patch – thanks to Al (listens to podcasts on double speed because they are too slow otherwise) Templeton. Proudly stuck to the back of my backpack and being lugged around to all the clients I visit.

    Hope you all get back to normality soon! Was great to hear you all.



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