Enterprise Geeks Podcast – All Your Sybase Are Belong To Us

Season 3 Episode 3

Running Time: 42:45 minutes

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6 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – All Your Sybase Are Belong To Us”

  1. Uli Brenner says :

    I really like that cover!

  2. Chris Paine says :

    On the topic of the Playbook – aside from the rather strange idea of RIM creating something that looks like it would be more aimed to a casual/gaming user rather than corporate market – that it does not have 3G access isn’t really that much of a problem – because unlike the iPad/iPhone it tethers natively to the Blackberry phones (or so I believe from listening to the engadet podcast). I would imagine all Playbook users having a Blackberry phone – so rather than having to have multiple data plans like iPad/iPhone users need – the Playbook just connects to your BB phone and uses that data plan. If I’m like most BB users, the damn thing never leaves my side unless I’m at home – in which case I’d be within my home wifi coverage anyway…

    It’s a clever idea – and allows you to sync data/content between your BB phone and the Playbook without an intermediary computer (something that is missing between iPad/iPhone).

    So I’d not be at all worried about the lack of immediate 3G support.

    That said, I’ve got a BB phone, but I’m still waiting for Android 3.0 phones and tablets before I ditch my current phone and get a tablet/phone combo (which I also suspect may actually be released before or at least around the same time as the Playbook actually makes it to market.)

    BTW – excellent podcast title – would be nice to hear a little more around where you guys think mobile dev is going – more along the lines of REST type development as per DJ Adam’s ICF dev demo (SAP Mentor Monday presentation), or via more structured approach as per Web Dynpro – and reference this specifically back to Sybase and what it means for developers and how we should be considering developing any mobile apps right now… A HTML5 rendering engine for WD would be great but it would still generate a huge amount of content that might/might not be suitable for mobile type applications.

  3. Ed Herrmann says :

    @Chris Paine – Thanks for the suggestions; I like your ideas for future topics around Sybase and more details on what it means for developers. These will be good discussions to explore when we can get a more clear picture, hopefully at TechEd. Cheers!

  4. sapdba says :

    On the subject of consultants, I can’t count how many consultants we’ve had from SAP that were clueless, although I didn’t check to see if they were certified. (Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure I’ve never checked a pilot’s credentials, though I did ask one if his take-offs was equal to his landings)

    In fact, in all my years, I can only count maybe 5 that I would have hired myself, had the opportunity come up.

    Which brings me to a pet peeve of mine. It seems that if someone is from SAP, then their opinion is equal to the opinion of the entire company, in many customers’ eyes. Right or wrong, “SAP said it, so it must be so.” I have had to fight these opinions tooth-and-nail sometimes to prove that, just because someone has an @sap.com email address doesn’t make them any more informed than I am. And in fact the likelihood is that they’ve not been doing this as long as I have.

    Case in point, an SAP platinum consultant came in to my company to help a vendor (partner) sell us an application performance monitoring tool. They said it could monitor both Java and ABAP programs. After grilling them, it turns out that it can only monitor Java programs, but they had “solutions” to make it monitor ABAP programs. The “solution” was to hire consultants to write wrappers for every ABAP program we run to track metrics and make calls to this monitoring tool.

    I kid you not, an SAP platinum consultant recommended that we put wrappers around every ABAP program we run, even SAP-developed programs. And everyone but me seemed to buy into it, because he was from SAP.

    Although, after me laughing at him, he did concede that this would be a rather large effort, and so should probably be restricted to the “top 100 or so” ABAP programs we’re concerned with monitoring.

    Regarding Thomas’ question about whether the skill level of ABAPers has been going down specifically in the last year, I can’t say for sure, as we’ve not had any positions open in the last year, and so not had a reason to do any interviewing.

    In that train of thought, I’m sure you could do a funny episode on interview stories. In fact, I’ve got a few myself that I still have trouble believing actually happened.


  5. Jon Reed says :

    Guys – I’m a week late to this comment thread, echo Chris’ comments about BB to tablet tethering…would also enjoy more Sybase/mobile development talk – maybe TechEd will drop us some juicy morsels there. Meantime, I’d agree with Ed that more clarification around SAP’s middleware strategy is in order with Sybase. With digging, it seems clear that SAP is going to offer a better range of middleware options beyond BI to include Gateway, etc sooner than later, but how it all fits together – it’s definitely enough to confuse those who aren’t cracking the books and sitting in on the webinars.

    That’s it – next time I have a comment for you it will in person, over a plate of wings, or maybe……..


    – Jon

  6. Matthias Zeller says :

    Just caught up with this episode. Others mentioned already the out of the box tethering capability, so for current Blackberry phone users the Playbook might be an interesting option. Blackberry has always been very strong around enterprise security and integration with enterprise infrastructure, if this continues with the Playbook they might have a leg up on Apple in Enterprise accounts.
    What did not really come through in the announcement, but will be highlighted at the upcoming Adobe MAX (see for example http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplatform/2010/10/bbplaybook-adobe-max.html). The Blackberry includes natively both AIR and Flash Player in the browser. Even most of the core applications delivered with the Playbook are AIR apps, so if you are in the Adobe designer/developer eco-system this is big news. Ryan Stewart also had a good blog post on this (http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/2010/09/rims-playbook-and-adobe-air/).

    Also wanted to comment on the middleware discussion. As Tom pointed out the requirements for middleware facilitating client/server interaction is fundamentally different then backend integration (e.g. PI). LiveCycle Data Services is a middleware focused on integration (rich) clients with the server. While the current version is focused on integration between Flash/Flex apps and the backend we are extending that support next year with support for Java clients (including native Android), Objective-C (for iOS devices) and HTML5 (websockets). For intensive data client communication we found that the binary AMF format is much better suited then XML based formats (and yes that requires you to understand the difference between binary and text files ;-). Furthermore we found that rich clients and mobile clients share many characteristics (e.g. need to account for occasional disconnects, need to manage state between multiple clients and server) which can be difficult to implement with request/response protocols only. If you are interested in that topic I suggest you join Blair Powell’s session on using LCDS to integrate SAP with mobile apps (http://www.sapteched.com/usa/edu_sessions/session.htm?id=547).
    We are also working on a specific SAP adapter for LiveCycle Data Services (yes you heard it first on Enterprise Geeks) and I will talk a little bit about it in this session I share with Andreas Tan (http://www.sapteched.com/usa/edu_sessions/session.htm?id=616).
    Finally since I am already at it if you are at all interested in usability and design for good user experience join my Mentor session (http://www.sapteched.com/usa/edu_sessions/session.htm?id=996). I will be joined by Steven Webster (http://blogs.adobe.com/swebster/) an expert on user experience for enterprise applications and excellent speaker.

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