Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Season 3 Summertime Kickoff

Season 3 is here and we are ready to roll. Buckle up egheads, it’s gonna be an awesome ride!

Season 3 Episode 1

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Great summertime picture by McBeth.

7 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Season 3 Summertime Kickoff”

  1. Matthias Zeller says :

    Good to have you guys back on the air! Makes my commute from Palo Alto to San Jose more entertaining. But what is it about this rock music discussion… Who cares? Next time let me know how long I need to fast forward to skip this crap. Anyway now that I have this of my chest, looking froward to TechEd and the eGeek dinner. BTW what happened with the idea to have eGeeks from the community dial-in? Would love to join the podcast one of these days. You need to have someone with a German accent to be believable in the SAP eco-system, right?

  2. Ed Herrmann says :

    @matthias Sure man, we would love to have you dial in sometime. But as for this rock music bashing, we will have to have a good ol’ fashioned debate. 🙂

  3. Matthias Steiner says :

    Listened to your podcast yesterday on my way back from SAP headquarters. It’s been an entertaining episode for sure. I enjoyed the fact that you kept it very personal and I had some good laughs…

    Enough of the sweet-talking though. A few thoughts… I caught the tweet about your blib.fm station. You may also want to consider setting up a shoutcast/icecast server so you can stream from your server or thelike. Messed around with it a while back and it’s been piece of cake to do – just an idea.

    Now, I won’t comment on your music taste… 😉

    Oh, and I heard you guys also do have iTunes, so I was wondering that it would be great if you could add a little meta information to your mp3 files like setting the category to “Podcast”, inlcude your logo etc…

    Looking forward to the next episode…

  4. Ed Herrmann says :

    @matthias steiner – glad to have you as a listener! Thanks for the suggestion about shoutcast/icecast; We will definitely have to check that out. You should be able to find us on iTunes in the podcast category of tech news. You can check out this link too

  5. Paul Aschmann says :

    Thanks! Enjoyed the podcast!

  6. Matthias Steiner says :

    @edH Yeah, I was able to find it on iTunes. However, I accidiently downloaded using the link after the inline video on the blog post. (#noob) There, no mp3 meta data was contained in the file… oh well… no biggie for sure. 🙂

  7. Jon Reed says :

    Hmmm…well where to begin….first off, welcome back guys, a summer without podcast callouts I can’t rebut on the air is a long summer indeed.

    And yeah, it’s awesome to know that no matter what, you’ll get me back to TechEd in time for Lifehouse. I was really sweating that one. Missing out on live Christian rock is unacceptable to me.

    I must say this extended podcast shed some new light on my baffling connection to SAP coding geeks – yup, angry geek music. You probably know long before I was an SAP dude I was a heavy metal music reviewer. Published my first zine reviews back in high school and it was all downhill from there. We’ll have to talk further on these topics but suffice it to say that Megadeth/Slayer/Anthrax is right up my alley, schedule permitting.

    The discussion about creativity and music perked my thinking as I’ve thought about this a lot. The artists with the longest and most vital careers haven’t been afraid to risk offending their fans or surprising them with new angles (see: Dylan, Radiohead, Neil Young, Hendrix, arguably Metallica). Reinvention is essential precisely because primal rock n roll belongs to the young and as you grow up you have to find new angles – though becoming a middle aged sap (no pun intended) is not inevitable – I’d point out there’s no shortage of things to be angry about if you broaden your view of the world beyond your own struggles in the back of a pickup. 🙂

    In metal specifically, it’s interesting how many of the bands that have stayed completely true to what they do (Maiden, Priest, Kiss, Crue) have almost become caricatures of themselves while bands that weren’t afraid to alienate some fans with new directions have stayed more vital. To me the key is whether you can be bravely creative for its own sake or if you are just preening for the mainstream. It feels to me like Linkin Park is doing more of the latter and I miss their old stuff. Ah well.

    Ok, to be continued at TechEd…maybe we’ll talk a little SAP too.

    – Jon

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