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ABAP Freak Show – Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP

You might be wondering why I decided now was a good time to record an ABAP Freak Show series on the basics and architecture of Web Dynpro ABAP. After all shouldn’t I be busy with SAP TechEd 2010 preparations. As it turns out, the two are closely related. As custom development track lead for SAP TechEd 2010, I had the opportunity to really expand the amount of Web Dynpro ABAP development that was offered this year. At the same time I still had to work within budget restrictions. For example I really wanted to have a 4 hour hands-on for Advanced Web Dynpro ABAP. As it turns out I ended up having to break this topic up into 2 – 2 hour lectures and a 2 hour hand-on. I actually ended up with more content hours for Web Dynpro ABAP in the end by running out of 4 hour hands-on slots.

Not all the budgets restrictions worked out as nicely. I really needed to cut a 1 hour lecture. We have been presenting the introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP since 2005 (or some form even before then). I remember going to this session when I was still at customer working at Kimball International. Therefore it became a prime target for our reduction efforts.

In past years we have conducted a 1 hour lecture and a 4 hour hands-on for the introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP. The slides and presentation material are the same between these two sessions and often attendees went to both. Last year I taught both the lecture and hands-on version. By the end of the week in Las Vegas after presenting the same basic material 4 times in as many days, I was pretty sick of hearing it. I would imagine people that attended both the lecture and hands-on sessions probably felt similar.

Therefore we made a decision to no longer offer the 1 hour lecture version. As many customers are still just experiencing Web Dynpro ABAP for the first time as their companies upgrade we want to support their efforts. The 4 hour hands-on will remain. It is session CD160 (Las Vegas / Berlin). We believe that the time spent hands-on with the development environment is one of the best ways to learn the tool.

We didn’t completely discard the lecture version of the materials, however. Instead we decided the best way to service those who wish to begin learning Web Dynpro ABAP is to provide these materials as eLearning Videos all the time (for free) on SDN and Enterprise Geeks. So now you can study these introductory materials any time you want. Then come to TechEd and enforce what you learned via a Hands-On session or built up to try one of the more advanced Web Dynpro ABAP sessions.