ABAP Freak Show – ABAP Tutorial Links

As many of the loyal egheads know, Thomas Jung has posted some great ABAP tutorials on the ABAP Freak Show. This post is a quick summary of some of these available tutorials to make it easier to watch later and pass around to all of your fellow ABAPers.

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3 responses to “ABAP Freak Show – ABAP Tutorial Links”

  1. Ali says :

    I think ABAP is more fun with Thomas around. Thanks a lot for all of those great tutorials. SAP should be proud to have you as an employee! Thanks again.

  2. ramu says :

    Awesome tutorials. Keep going sir!!!

  3. Abdou says :

    Hello Thomas,

    Links to tutorial and videos seems to be invalid since I had a 404 :
    In fact i was looking for the downloadable version… since I had a lot of time to spend in train.


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