ABAP Freakshow – July 29, 2010: Introduction to WDA Part 1

This eLearning explains in depth the Web Dynpro programming model and how to develop Web Dynpro applications within the ABAP workbench. In this first part we begin by explaining the motivations in the design of Web Dynpro.

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One response to “ABAP Freakshow – July 29, 2010: Introduction to WDA Part 1”

  1. David Mattice says :

    Hi Thomas
    Thanks for your insight and putting these together. Being new to ABAP, I find that these video’s are a great asset in helping me learn ABAP and SAP. I have watched your video series on ABAP oo and the concepts with oo coding, and have started putting these concepts into practice in my own program development. I am transistioning myself from proceedural coding to the oo approach and I am finding that my programs are actually executing faster and according to the tests I have run in se30 they are running using less resources as well. I am looking forward to reviewing this series and learning more about webdynpro.
    Thanks again

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