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Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Creativity and Passion

Season 2 Episode 15
This week’s podcast is a short discussion on creativity, passion, and the importance of work-life balance. To stay true to the meaning, the Enterprise Geeks will be taking a few weeks off to enjoy family, fun, and sun of summer. Don’t be a zombie, be creative and stay true to your passion! Photo from The Zombie Fest.

Running Time: 17:32 minutes

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Enterprise Geeks Podcast – New Podcast Format Mayhem

Season 2 Episode 14
This is the first week of switching to the new podcast format where we allow all the members of the Enterprise Geeks to join in on an open weekly discussion. Even though the discussions went in a lot of directions, it was still a fun, casual conversation that we hope you enjoy. Listen in and let us know what you think.

Running Time: 01:15:50

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If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here.

SAP TechEd 2010: Demo Jam, innojagd and you!

It’s that time of the year again, SAP TechEd is ramping up and that means the Demo Jam call for submissions is on it’s way! In fact with this post I’m going to share some of the interesting new things this year to help make your submission a bit more attention!


The video is about 12 mins long and I cover several things including a sneak peek at some of the information we’ve gathered in the "innojagd" so far! But also about some new changes to the Demo Jam including the fact that once again this year I am available to discuss your ideas and submissions with before you actually submit and for those who actually present their idea at one of the "innojagd" events and then submit to Demo Jam based on the feedback you receive you’ll get an "added advantage with the selection committee"



innojagd: a focused challenge!

Just found this in my inbox and thought I would share, as I started the whole “innojagd” I often got/get asked what type of innovations and my answer is always “every type” of innovation so with this mail I thought I could at least give you a focused challenge to play with as well!

The non-profit Seeker organization, First12, is interested in gaining the help and input of the Solvers in order to build a web-based tool for efficient discovery of open educational resources found on the web. The impact of this work has the potential to be dramatic. The resulting solution could be an important platform component for 21st century learning systems and have applications in both developing and developed countries. The solution could potentially both increase the viability of individualized education, and decrease the cost of delivering relevant learning resources.

This one has a $10,000 prize attached so have a look at the challenge!