Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Heading to SAPPHIRE 2010

Season 2 Episode 12

Running Time: 01:05:44 minutes

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One response to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Heading to SAPPHIRE 2010”

  1. Jeron says :

    Thanks for picking up BPM and CE as a show topic. It helped my clarify my thinking on the subject.

    The reason, this piqued my curiosity is that i saw a lot on these subjects during SAP Teched and it seems there is lot of action on the BPM/CE in SDN too.

    However, none of my colleagues in the “ABAP” world seem to be using this in their day to day work or are planning to do so. I was curious to see where this fits in.

    Having said that, perhaps there are still good examples even within the ABAP world. Usage of BPM/CE definitely requires a huge mindset shift on how we do development as Eddie pointed out.

    SAP is definitely working on improving this tool. I have heard that in the newer version of CE there is support for RFC which should allay performance concerns and support for Webdynpro ABAP in the future would be a big plus too.

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