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innojagd, challenge to the egHeads

Now for a few weeks I’ve been talking about “innojagd” and I’ve posted about it and others have as well but what really is it all about? Thorsten captured a little bit about it on video at the Frankfurt SAPPHIRE NOW event but I thought I should dust off the old “Starship Enterprisey” lens and gear and put this little video together with my thoughts specifically for all of you egHeads out there.

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EnterpriseGeeks Podcast – SAPPHIRE NOW Final Wrapup

Tom, Eddie, Dan and Rich discuss their impressions of last day and half at SapphireNow.  In particular we discuss the final two keynotes of the event by Vishal and Hasso. There was plenty of technical content that we will continue to discuss over the coming weeks.

Running Time: 00:44:39 minutes

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EnterpriseGeeks Podcast – Certification 5

Tom, Eddie, Rich and Dan are joined by 4/5 of the Certification 5 for a discussion about what they’ve been working on as an SAP Mentor subgroup.

Running Time: 00:41:39 minutes

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Certification 5 Releases White Paper

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Last day, Frankfurt @sapphirenow

It’s the last day but there are tons of geeks here (many wearing a SAP Mentor shirt) and of course from the eGeek side I’m here and most of us will be wandering the show floor checking out the production office most of the rest of today.

Picture 070

It’s been an amazing trip here in Frankfurt and I managed to get some photos online that you can check out. Just wait until you hear the video as well from Oliver Kohl who managed to chat with the production crew 😉

Sapphire Agile Throwdown

In response to all the hub-bub surrounding Agile vs. Waterfall the Enterprise Geeks interviewed Vijay about his experiences with agile.  The discussion focuses on how agile impacts different teams like, SAP, customers and SIs.

Audio Only:


eGeeks Agile Development

South beach diet didn’t work for me, and neither did Agile development

EnterpriseGeeks Podcast – SAPPHIRE NOW Day 2 Wrapup

Tom, Eddie and Dan discuss their impressions of Day 1+2 at SapphireNow.  Get the eGeeks views on the keynotes, the broad themes and what the show floor is like.

Running Time: 00:24:03 minutes

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enterpriseGeeks at SAPPHIRE NOW

Hey egHeads.  Just wanted to drop a line and mention that my fellow enterpriseGeeks, Thomas, Ed, and Dan will be hosting a couple of live podcast sessions on the show floor at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando next week.  On Tuesday from 1:00-2:00pm, the guys will have the Agile vs Waterfall debate with Vijay Vijayasankar, and on Wednesday from 12:30-1:30pm, the Certification 5 will join the podcast to discuss SAP certifications.   These sessions will be taking place in the Communities & Social Networking Lounge Area in the Line Of Business(LOB) Campus.  Make sure to stop by at these times and check it out.  Yours truly will be staffing this area as well, so stop by and say hi anytime, Monday through Wednesday.  Also, if you are attending the SAPPHIRE NOW event in Frankfurt, make sure to find Craig and say hi. He’ll be handling some GC/Mentor activities next week.  See you all at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando.