Enterprise Geeks Podcast – SAP Inside Track Sydney – Agile Development Roundtable


Keeping with our recent topic of Agile Development, I recorded a round table discussion on the topic at the recent SAP Inside Track Sydney (which took place at the start of the Mastering SAP Technologies Conference). We had a really good discussion about Agile in the SAP space and I shared my experiences from working with the Web Dynpro ABAP foundation team, which was one of the SAP internal pilot teams for Agile during the 7.0 Enhancement Package 2 development cycle.

The Inside Track had four separate round table discussions going on at once and all in the same room. I boosted the audio levels on the recording but sometimes people farther away from the microphone asking questions or adding comments can be a bit difficult to hear.

Running Time: 50 minutes

5 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – SAP Inside Track Sydney – Agile Development Roundtable”

  1. Ed Herrmann says :

    Great inside look on the way SAP implements an Agile development methodology. Thanks for posting, Thomas!

  2. Chris Paine says :

    Yes – that is the cricket on the big screen in the picture – very important to know that the Aussies were giving the Kiwis a decent hammering. 😀

    Was great to hear how SAP are doing this, I wish more of my clients could be persuaded to follow this path – perhaps they will follow SAP’s lead. I hope so.

  3. Dave G says :

    Thanks Thomas, interesting to hear about how SAP is approaching Agile internally.

    You mentioned several times in the discussion how the internal SAP wiki is used as a tool. Do SAP use Atlassian Confluence internally? I am interested that SAP still does not have an ‘enterprise level’ wiki and from what I understand in the future they will just be integrating Confluence into SAP Portal. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this decision.

    I have been wondering for years why SAP didnt just buy Atlassian (but then as an aussie maybe I am just biased).

  4. Dagfinn Parnas says :

    Top tip from Thomas: Use Sticky PostIt Notes, Whiteboards and digital camera to document in wiki before implementation.

    After implementation generate up-to-date UML diagrams.

  5. Thomas Jung says :

    @Dave G: Yes I believe that our internal WIKI is based upon Atlassian Confluence. There isn’t really anything SAP specific or Software Development specific about it – the teams are just doing a good job of maintaining their Sprint documentation in this place.

    > I am interested that SAP still does not have an ‘enterprise level’ wiki
    I’m not really involved in that side of the business, but I suspect that there isn’t much we can add to the WIKI model – at least at a low level. You could maybe call Steamworks a somewhat Enterprise WIKI (in that it goes beyond the traditional WIKI functionality).

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