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ABAP Freakshow – March 3, 2010: WDA Performance Tools Part 1

This is part 1 of a 6 part series on tools that are available for monitoring or troubleshooting the performance in Web Dynpro ABAP based applications. In this part of the series we discuss performance aspects in general as well as looking at the Performance Monitor in WDA 7.01. The Performance Monitor tool can provide estimates about the performance breakdown of our application (client side vs. server side runtimes as well as user session memory on the server) and help us decide where we need to investigate further.

With the last two eLearning series in the ABAP Freakshow I have broken down the videos into small parts. Let me know if you like this approach or if you prefer 1 or 2 larger videos instead.

You can download a high resolution version MP4 version of the video here:

You can download an iPod/iPhone version of the video here:

Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Battle Royale Part II: HTML5 vs Browser Plug-Ins

Will the battle of HTML5 vs. Browser Plug-Ins be like this:

Or More Like This:

This week we welcome guest co-host Dan McWeeney filling in for Ed. Ed is out of the office because his wife just gave birth to their first child. Since Dan works for Adobe and works in the Adobe Flash/Flex world, we thought it would be the perfect podcast to dive into the hot topic of HTML5 verses Browser Plug-Ins (like Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight).

There has been a lot of debate lately (sparked largely by Apple and their refusal to have the Adobe Flash Plug-in on the iPhone/iPad) about exactly what the future role of Browser Plug-Ins will be given the advances that the next version of the HTML specification promises to bring. In this podcast both Dan and I provide our thoughts on the topic.

Dearest eGheads, we need your show ideas. If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 59 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 01:00 – Welcome Guest Host Dan McWeeney
  2. 01:15Ed Changes Diapers
  3. 04:00 – Main Topic – HTML5 & Browser Plug-Ins
  4. 28:00 Apple and their 40 Billion Cash On Hand – Who Will They Buy? (at the time of the podcast recording I forgot that through Pixar, Steve Jobs picked up quite a bit of control at Disney/ABC/Marvel. Perhaps Apple already indirectly has the control in Hollywood I thought they were looking for).
  5. 36:20 Internet Connected TVs
  6. 37:00 Win 7 Mobile Platform
  7. 37:50 PS3/PSP Integration
  8. 38:00 SAP Management Changes
  9. 46:20 BW 7.20 Ramp-Up Canceled in Favor of 7.30 Ramp-Up in Q3/Q4
  10. 48:30 – ABAP 7.02 Correction Close
  11. 49:20 OnDemand BI
  12. 54:30 – Upcoming Events: Mastering SAP Technologies Sydney and ASUG/Sapphire