Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Co-CEO Conundrum

SAP Co-CEO Strategy – Sunny Days in Walldorf?

Ed is back joining Thomas in this latest episode. Listen in as they discuss the buzz about Buzz and usage of other social networks, as well as the latest discussions about the changes in the top ranks within SAP. If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 54 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:15 – Ed is back and talking about little ewH
  2. 04:05 – The buzz about Google Buzz
  3. 24:00SAP Leadership flip flop
  4. 33:28NetWeaver Web Page Composer
  5. 42:22AFS WDA Performance Series
  6. 50:00 – Wrap up

6 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Co-CEO Conundrum”

  1. Matt Harding says :

    Perfect world SAP set-up – I propose the idea of getting a group of developer.netweaver admin cross-over specialists in the one room and trying to come up with the ideal landscape for say a scenario with a customer who runs all of NetWeaver with ERP and CRM as an example. TdT and I have tried to do this before, but it would be great to get others globally involved from different industries in this fictional set-up covering SLD’s,NWDI/CTS+, ugprades, patches, development with multiple projects and the like. That said, would probably need to be a week long camp in Palo Alto, but if you twist my arm…

    In short, I don’t think SAP would be able to do this without having some customer presence to provide reality to scenarios (?).

    WD4A short cut keys and External facing Web Dynpro – Thomas – Just wondering if this can be easily turned off in the scenario where you have Web Dynpro exposed externally to customers as this functionality is not ideal if you were using it with customers?

    Nice work yet again guys (even though I’ve ventured into JonERP territory of being hassled; in my case for using outdated mySpace),

    • Thomas Jung says :

      @Matt – The Performance Monitor (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+P) as well as the WD Trace Tool both are protected by Auth Checks. You have to pass the S_DEVELOP check with parameter OBJTYPE=DEBUG and ACTVT=03.

  2. Matt Harding says :

    @thomas Thanks and nice (obvious) solution! I guess I was just concerned as I never figured out how to turn off the right-click to users with the Lightspeed rendering when using WD4A externally on 7.01 (I’m sure it’s simple, but at the time, couldn’t find anything obvious). See you next week!

  3. Terry West says :

    Ed, I totally miss Googe Video, like you said much better than YouTube (at the time).

  4. Thomas says :

    It was interesting to hear that you guys are using twitter and facebook in the exact way I am using them, too (twitter == work, facebook == non-work). The podcast also made me realize that there is no need for buzz in my life so it is gone πŸ™‚

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