Enterprise Geeks Theme Song

The Enterprise Geeks love gifts and free stuff, so this is a special shout out and thanks to fellow eGhead Matt Harding for putting together the Enterprise Geeks theme song. You can check out some of Matt’s other music on his MySpace page. The music for the eGeeks theme song was taken from his original track “Damn Ugly”, which is pretty Damn Funny.

Some other eGheads such as Thomas Jung, Gregor Wolf, and Graham Robinson have already mentioned using this as intro music for their sessions at various tech events. Now these are eGheads with style!

Cheers to you, Mr. Harding!

2 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Theme Song”

  1. Thomas says :

    Hilarious 🙂

  2. Matt Harding says :

    Thanks for the shout out. My hope, nay – my dream is to see at least one WWF theme song style entrance of an eGhead on a live Demo Jam from TechEd.

    FYI – Message me @mattharding if anyone needs a copy of the shortened and tailored entrance/exit theme.


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