ABAP Freakshow – January 20, 2010 – ABAP UI Flexibility Part 1

This is part 1 of a 6 part series on User Interface flexibility in the ABAP environment. In this first part we will see an overview of the demo application we will explore. The demo is running within the NetWeaver Business Client 3.0 and leverages the latest rendering techniques of Web Dynpro ABAP in NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1 as well as few sneak previews of new capabilities that will come in NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 2 .

You can download a high resolution version MP4 version of the video here:

You can download an iPod/iPhone version of the video here:

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2 responses to “ABAP Freakshow – January 20, 2010 – ABAP UI Flexibility Part 1”

  1. Steffen says :

    Hi Thomas,

    thanks for sharing that AFS! I regulary checked enterprisegeeks.com that I won’t miss the next episode and as always you guys don’t let me down. Keep up your great work!

    At last I have a question:
    In your demo application this dropdown value help (“Suggestion Help” IIRC) is used for the selection of the business partner, AFAIK this is only available on a Netweaver 7.02, but you state in your description that the demo utilizes NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1. Could you clarify this?

    Thanks and regards,


  2. Thomas Jung says :

    Thanks for the feedback. You are correct and this was a bit confusing. I am using a NetWeaver 7.02 system – hence the new features like the SuggestValues. However the focus of most of the capabilities I’m demonstrating in Part 1 through Part 5 of this series will be possible on NetWeaver 7.01 systems. I’ve reserved Part 6 for the purely new features in NetWeaver 7.02. Of course some little features like the SuggestValues might show up as I demo the application. I’ve changed the wording in the video description to hopefully clarify this.

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