egHeads Rule!

This morning as I sat down at my desk in the Walldorf SAP offices (probably being only a handful of people on the entire floor) I opened up the pending blog posts in the SDN queue and came across this one – Why I’m active on SDN.

Always curious I decided to read on and see why this person was active. It was a clear message as well “it’s about sharing knowledge” and Micky went on to mention some of the folks involved.

Here it goes, my personal ‘heroes’ when it comes down to sharing their knowledge and making me profit from it. In other words, teaching others how to evolve their (ABAP) skills in random order:

Naimesh Patel who has a very nice website of its own which is really worth visiting once in a while, especially for people who like to take a dive into ABAP OO. But it was on SDN where I first ‘met’ him and got to appreciate his knowledge. Obviously I’m not the only one, since often his anwers or website are used as reference when answering a post on one of the ABAP forums. The same actually goes for the next person who’s answers I often like to read, Marcin Pciak. He also knows his way around ABAP OO, and is an early adopter of the ‘new’ way to ABAP programming. Also let’s not forget J@y , a®s, Clemens Li, Max Bianchi, and Rob Burbank, Thomas Zloch and last but definitely not least Uwe Schieferstein. All of them have been around for quite some time now and they really tend to give the relevant (correct) answers from which I for one, am still learning. Like I said, I’m sure I’m leaving out several fellow SDN’ers that should be part of this list as well, so sorry for that.

For ABAP performance and tuning the list is not quite that long, but on the other hand, I’m pretty sure I’m not leaving out that many contributors. Top of the list is, without a doubt, Siegfried Boes, who not only has strong performance knowledge, but also has a great sense of humor when answering or correcting other peoples answers. Although sometimes I get the idea that he is getting a bit tired (and he probably should) of all the people who think they know what they’re doing but obviously don’t (just think about the FAE vs Joins discussion). But, whenever I’m looking for some pointers, he is the one to search for. And second in line of heires is probably Hermann Gahm.

Almost done here (time to get back to the Christmas Dinner), but not before mentioning that being an ‘active’ member on SDN (or only ‘just’ an active reader), does not only help you to learn and evolve your skills, it also boldly takes you where a lot of ‘us’ have already gone before, namely to the EG-heads.

It was on SDN that I first got to hear about enterprise geeks via ‘Shameless plug for the Enterprise Geeks Podcast’. We all know (and who knows, maybe even love) Thomas Jung, Ed Herrmann, Graig Cmehil, Dan McWeeny and Rich Heilman who all have been of great influence to this community. And through these ‘geeks’, I for one, got one of the best professional advices ever: Read, read and read some more. I think it was from Ed Herrmann on one of the pod-casts, so thanks for that.

Well, that’s just about it on ‘Why I’m active on SCN’. Thanks for reading and by all means do leave comments (plus or minus).

Seeing that the true spirit of SDN has not been lost I’ve decided it was worth braving the cold weather to come into the office today!

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