Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Holiday Hodgepodge

The eGeeks are back with this special Thanksgiving Holiday episode. Join the guys as they have a great time discussing a wide range of topics from TechEd to Holiday shopping. Cool lego Thanksgiving photo by floodllama.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 75 minutes

Talking Points

  1. TechEd traveling antics
  2. Thoughts on Demo Jam
  3. Twitter adoption and future trends
  4. Star Wars Force Trainer – You may want to read the reviews on this one before buying
  5. The eGeeks dinner wass a huge success. Check out the Flickr set here and here
  6. The SAP Mentors taking over
  7. The Smurf craze is upon us
  8. Which Monopoly game piece are you?
  9. You need to buy the Official ABAP Programming Guidelines book by Horst Keller and Wolf Hagen Thummel
  10. Sneak peek at the one year anniversary eGeeks podcast
  11. Will Android be a hit this year? Is RIM in trouble?
  12. Problems with installing the SAP ABAP Trial Edition on Windows 7 64-bit OS
  13. Holiday shopping tips – avoid the lines and don’t get trampled
  14. ASUG Developer’s Tools Days
Thanks to all the eGheads that made the annual eGeeks dinner a huge success

Thanks to all the eGheads that made the annual eGeeks dinner a huge success

May the force be with you in all your ping pong adventures

4 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Holiday Hodgepodge”

  1. Jeron says :

    Beer was served @ Teched Bangalore. However, a license was required to use a Beer Keg which could not be procured.

  2. Metty says :

    Very nice and funny episode 🙂 SO Ed, if you like beer that much, maybe you should ask for a teched on the Oktoberfest. SAP may rent a complete tent for the Hacker (or maybe then drinkers) Night ?

    Btw.: was the first record in the OxmooreCenter ? It´s very hard for me to understand, but think that was it 🙂

    My favourite figure in monopoly was the shoe .. Go on like that and happy birthday EGeeks Podcast *party*

  3. openid.sap.com/Blag says :

    Ok…your first podcast? I know it was call “Mall Rats”…but I can’t remember the name of the mall…maybe it’s because I’m from South America…you know…

    Anyway…the eGeeks dinner was a huge success! I got my T-Shirt, get a lot of meat and got really nice conversations with Thomas Ritter, Harald Reiter, Juergen Schmerder and KK Ramamoorthy.

    BTW…I couldn’t drink anything and only eat a stupid salad at Hacker Night…but you guys look really happy with the pizza and beer -;)

    About Monopoly…yes…we know Monopoly here in Perú…I have play it a lot…I also bought Monopoly Deal Cards…haven’t try it yet but the look really cool on the TV add -:) My fave character? The dog for sure…not the average silly dog…a dog who can walk miles, buy houses and build hotels…that’s what I call a good dog -;)

    Almost forgot…I used to love the Smurfs when I was a kid…and got my “Build a Smurf” kit…so you can create your own smurfs using clay…and let them dry in the heat…good old times -:)



  4. Craig Cmehil says :

    Actually the “keg” was the issue, in India a liquor license is required (like everywhere) and a “keg” requires a different license since typically a “keg” is only used in bars so we simply were not able to get the keg. Tobias was there but Sebastian was not, so they “used” me in their demo I highly recommend everyone watch the video replay of the Demo Jam there for that demo in particular since it shows what Tom mentions of the real world interactions of the data and rules of the system.

    Personally I still think Denis Browne is a Terminator sent back from SkyNet to ensure it launches on time but the whole concepts and idea of the real time data interactions with machines and people is exciting stuff.

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