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Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Holiday Hodgepodge

The eGeeks are back with this special Thanksgiving Holiday episode. Join the guys as they have a great time discussing a wide range of topics from TechEd to Holiday shopping. Cool lego Thanksgiving photo by floodllama.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 75 minutes

Talking Points

  1. TechEd traveling antics
  2. Thoughts on Demo Jam
  3. Twitter adoption and future trends
  4. Star Wars Force Trainer – You may want to read the reviews on this one before buying
  5. The eGeeks dinner wass a huge success. Check out the Flickr set here and here
  6. The SAP Mentors taking over
  7. The Smurf craze is upon us
  8. Which Monopoly game piece are you?
  9. You need to buy the Official ABAP Programming Guidelines book by Horst Keller and Wolf Hagen Thummel
  10. Sneak peek at the one year anniversary eGeeks podcast
  11. Will Android be a hit this year? Is RIM in trouble?
  12. Problems with installing the SAP ABAP Trial Edition on Windows 7 64-bit OS
  13. Holiday shopping tips – avoid the lines and don’t get trampled
  14. ASUG Developer’s Tools Days
Thanks to all the eGheads that made the annual eGeeks dinner a huge success

Thanks to all the eGheads that made the annual eGeeks dinner a huge success

May the force be with you in all your ping pong adventures

John Astill you rock!

Video says it all or?

Enterprise Geeks Podcast – TechEd Vienna: Nigel James

Although I didn’t get the opportunity to record nearly as many interviews at TechEd Vienna as I would have liked, I did get a chance to chat with fellow SAP Mentor and eGhead – Nigel James of Apps Com Limited.

Nigel shares his thoughts on being an SAP Mentor and active member of the community, a little bit about BSP, and the state of the industry from his point of view.

Running Time: 14 minutes

Enterprise Geeks Podcast – TechEd Vienna: BPX Process Slam

While some of us eGheads were attending RIA Hacker Night during TechEd, some of our fellow eGheads that lean more toward the Business Process Expert side of the house were also busy with their own evening event. This other evening event was the Process Design Slam.

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Marilyn Pratt and Twan van den Broek about this exciting event and how in the future we might be able to bring the Hacker Night and Process Slam closer together.

Running Time: 12 minutes

Enterprise Geeks Podcast – TechEd Vienna: Craig and RIA Hacker Night

The morning after the RIA Hacker Night in TechEd Vienna, fellow Enterprise Geek Craig Cmehil and myself had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the highlights of the Hacker Night, TechEd in General, and the future of both events. We also spend a little time looking back at some of the less know activities of TechEds past (digging up some stories that were perhaps best left unmentioned).

The infamous community shirt from TechEd Boston 2005

The infamous community shirt from TechEd Boston 2005

Running Time: 18 minutes

egHeads rock! Smurfs!

Our egHeads are the absolute best! I got a message shortly after SAP TechEd Phoenix from John Astill and then these photos!

JohnA69 | TweetPhoto and JohnA69 | TweetPhoto

And since Tweetphoto does not allow an easy way to “embed” a photo to share it I did a scrape (sorry John)…


John’s smurf customization skills rock. Here are some pics of the ewH and ABAP freak smurfs: