Enterprise Geeks Podcast – ‘Twas the Night Before TechEd

Normal people dream about beaches while eGheads dream about TechEd

While normal people may dream about sun and beaches, eGheads dream about ABAP & TechEd

In this last episode before TechEd, hosts Ed and Thomas, give you, dear eGheads, some nice survival tips as well as other good information that you should know before you go. This show was especially recorded for you to download and take with you on your trip to TechEd.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 73 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 01:00 – SAP TechEd Survival Tips and Reminders
  2. 17:02Adobe Max Online
  3. 26:20 – Windows 7 Launch Party Update
  4. 31:25 – The Great Rollie Bag Incident of 2007
  5. 35:54 – More BlackBerry Productivity Apps
  6. Welcome New SAP Mentors – Catch the Recording Here
  7. 51:40 – Tweets O’ The Week

2 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – ‘Twas the Night Before TechEd”

  1. Jon Reed says :

    Uh oh….gonna have to steer clear of you guys in my rolling bag….had to get it to help a tad with back/shoulder things…hmm…promise not to run you over.

    Did you also note that Rich Heilman figured out a fix so you don’t have to type in the #sapteched09 hash tag every time you Tweet from TechEd? You may already know this, but in case any eGheads don’t…..here’s the super short version I Tweeted: “OK @MartinLang: Ubertwitter >New Tweet >type #sapteched09 >”select” >”copy” (now on clipboard, for future Tweets) >New Tweet > “paste””

    So if it’s helpful to folks point people here…hopefully the short 140 character version makes sense. I know I’m super happy I’m not going to be thumbing in the hashtag again and again.

    See ya soon!

    – Jon

  2. Matt Harding says :

    I’m a responsible 07 roller bag person but after this podcast, I suddenly feel I need to go stealth with my bag this Tech Ed!

    Merry TechEd to one and all!

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