Enterprise Geeks Podcast – BlackBerry Addict

Is the BlackBerry addicting or liberating?

Is the BlackBerry addicting or liberating?

In this episode, hosts Thomas and Ed review their new BlackBerry mobile devices. Listen in on an interesting discussion on whether these devices are helpful organization tools or just another addicting way to suck your life away. Also included are some tips, tools, and other useful applications.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 63 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:15 – Ed apologizes to the Aussies (pronounced OZZIE!)
  2. 04:40 – BlackBerry Talk
  3. 25:07 – More TechEd Hype – eGeeks Recordings, Giveaways, and Lucky Smurfs
  4. 40:11Windows 7 Launch Party Video Debacle
  5. 43:30 – Tweets O’ The Week

6 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – BlackBerry Addict”

  1. openid.sap.com/Blag says :

    Nice podcast as always -:) As you may know…I’m a fairly new Berry user…got the old and wise Pearl 8100 and totally love it…I’m addicted to it must say…

    Anyway…talking about Twitter clients…I ditched UberTwitter for http://www.twixtreme.com/ I think it’s better and nicer…

    Sure I got a lot of apps…even this one… http://blagrants.blogspot.com/2009/06/teched-phoenix-countdown-for-blackberry.html So right now I just hate you for not mention it -:(



  2. Ed Herrmann says :

    @Blag – yes, you were mentioned in yet another episode of egeeks. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on twixtreme. Do you know if they have @mention alerts integrated into the home screen? I find that a very useful new feature of the latest ubertwitter. My deepest apologies for not mentioning the TechEd countdown app. 😦 I forget about it because I never need an app to remind me since I always have my internal countdown going in my head. 😉

  3. Brian Dennett says :

    Ozzies, smurfs, grilling shrimp, pokemon, and punching babies in the face… Think there is a correlation between blackberry users and ADD?

  4. Jon Reed says :

    Guys –

    Great stuff. The Windows 7 mockery is hilarious.

    Meantime, enjoyed the BlackBerry rehash. I have a curve 8900 and have had great luck also with the wifi. When I got it in my area in May 09, the only provider that had wifi capability on that model was T-Mobile, so Ed, not sure if that addresses your Verizon question.

    As far as apps are concerned, I’m big on UberTwitter and they are really responsive to development requests and I correspond with them on various “want” items. The @reply notifications they have built in are fantastic, Ed is right about that. My only quibble is I am not looking forward to thumbing in the cumbersome SAP TechEd hashtag again and again. But I don’t know of any Twitter appliance or workaround to that. I requested UberTwitter add a “hashtag store” feature so that you can quickly paste in a hashtag to each new Tweet, but no way will that be ready for TechEd. Any ideas for workarounds on that will be great if you have them…you could save me a lot of thumbing!

    The other apps recommendations were great and will check them out. I wasn’t real happy with the Bberry weather apps I was using…two apps I really do like are the Shape Services IM+ apps for Bberry though they do cost about $20. I love the Skype app they have and then they have an all in one IM app that brings in all the IM apps including google, and even Facebook (the Bberry Facebook app does not have IM capabilities at this time). I have not made any Skype calls via their Skype app so not sure about that, only used it for IM…They have now added Skype into their all in one IM app also. Pretty nifty for those immature types like me that enjoy an IM session on the phone.

    See you in Phoenix!!!

    – Jon

  5. openid.sap.com/Blag says :


    Apologies taken -:) And no hard feelings…you’re still going to get your promised gift -;)

    About TwiXtreme…it’s brand new…so I don’t think it has that feature yet…but I love the design and the interface…you could try it out and decide what’s best for you…anyway…RIM is planning to release it’s own Twitter client, so we need to wait and test it -;)

    Being only 4 days away from TechEd…I can’t wait to meet you all again! -:D



  6. Alex Schuchman says :

    I just want to publically state that I’ve never hit my baby but at 3am in the morning when we wakes up crying I’ll probably flash back to this podcast conversation.
    Let’s see if ewh changes his stance on babies once he’s got one in the house….(not counting himself)

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