Google Wave Invites

[Update]  All the invites have been taken.

I just so happen to have 4 3 2 1 extra Google Wave invites, after of course passing some out to the Kernel.  First four commenters with  emails in the comment get’em.

Don’t bother asking what I think about it because I haven’t really played with it at all!  It’s doesn’t seem too useful by yourself so, I have no opinion.

We will all have invites so we will be messing around with it out over the next few weeks and we’ll probably have an opinion by then.

9 responses to “Google Wave Invites”

  1. Sue Keohan says :

    Hey, how about me??


  2. Raúl Mosquera says :

    It´s really cool google wave, i´ll like to test it =D thx.

  3. Durairaj Athavan Raja says :

    Thanks for the offer. Can I have one.

  4. Steffen says :

    I just need one 😉

  5. Terry West says :

    Could I have one, thanks.


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