RIA Hacker Night – Code Camp

In the following “SDN Land of the ÜberGeek” episode Craig Cmehil speaks with Adobe about the upcoming RIA Hacker Night at the SAP TechEd 2009 events in Phoenix, Vienna and Bangalore and the brand new edition to the evening event the – “Code Camp”.

Talking Points:

  • Meet Mathias from Adobe 00:45
  • Flash Platform 01:25
  • SAP and Adobe 01:50
  • Flash Platform at RIA Hacker Night 02:15
  • Duane from Adobe 02:50
  • Code Camp, coding real time! – 03:05
  • Previous Events 04:00
  • Where do I start? 04:50
  • This is where to start! 05:05
  • Thinking back to starting with Flex 06:07
  • Code samples – exclusive at the event 🙂 06:56
  • Exclusives at the event 08:25
  • Mac or PC? 09:40
  • Flash Builder 4 vs. Flex Builder 11:14
  • Flash Builder replaces Flex Builder 11:35
  • Recap Mac, PC and Flash Builder 12:30

About ccmehil

A developer, writer, photographer, talker - words that describe Craig, but who is Craig? Craig is a person driven to interact and communicate, always looking to innovate over the years he's been through all spectrums of the development process for all platforms. He's built communities and helped define strategies to communicate and engage. Now though his focus has become more precise... With a major emphasis on interaction and collaboration Craig spends a lot of time both speaking and writing about effects of social in the work place and ways to improve efficiency through the use of "social media" in the day to day work you do.

3 responses to “RIA Hacker Night – Code Camp”

  1. Brian Dennett says :

    Beer, pizza, eGheads, and some Flex action? I am all sorts of excited for this event. Appreciate for the 411 on the Flex builder re-branding, I had no idea that effort was going on till this podcast. Thanks guys.

  2. Ed Herrmann says :

    Just as an FYI on the Flash Builder 4 with Flex Builder 3, here is some info from the Flash Builder 4 page:
    “You can install a separate copy of Flash Builder 4 standalone and it will remain separate from any Flex Builder 2 or 3 installations. Also, workspaces created in Flex Builder 2 or Flex Builder 3 are not supported by Flash Builder 4. Lastly, Flash Builder 4 can import existing Flex Builder projects, but a project that has its settings modified by Flash Builder 4 will no longer open in Flex Builder 3 or Flex Builder 2.”

  3. Aaron Morden says :

    I’m starting to think I should have bought Vista 32-bit instead of 64-bit. I can’t install SAP Netweaver Trial Version or Flash Builder 4.

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